List of Contents

 New Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera System
Flowtech, The World's Fastest  Tripod Legs
Sony THOUGH. Fastest and Toughest SD Card
Nikon Z 7 and Nikon Z 6.
Sony Venice Firmware Version 2.0

2018 Camera Comparison Chart
Edward Lachman Receives Angenieux Award

ARRI Unveils Large Format Camera System
PANAVISION Millennium DXL2 at BSC Expo
SMALLHD 5" Daylight Monitor
 32nd ASC Awards Nominees
 BAFTA Awards Nominees 2017
Ridley Scott Directorial Timeline
Sony CineAlta FF S35 Venice
Cine Gear Expo 2017 Preview
New Hive WASP 100-C
New Lenses at NAB 2017
Who is Watching Who
Director Monitor Cage V2
CINEO Quantum c80

SOC Awards 2017
Fujinon MK Series Lenses 
31th ASC Awards 2017
XENON Cine-Tilt Lenses
ASC  31st Award Nominees 
Band Pro Open House 2016 
ARRI Alexa Menu & SetUp
Panavision 8KDXL 
George Miller to Preside Jury at Cannes
The Friends Of Eddie Coyle
 Academy Moves On to Increase Diversity
Is OscarsSoWhite a Real Crisis

88th Oscars Nominees Complete List
BandPro Open House 2015
LJIFFF Awards Winners. Homeward
Fashion & Style In Motion
Poster from 2015 LJIFFF 
Roger Deakins Angeniuex Award

Live Webcast Cannes Film Fest 2015

Peter SuschitzkyASC from Cannes
JL Fisher, ASC, SOC, ICG Open House
Cinematographers Tools NAB Show 2015
New OConnor Shoulder Camera Rig

Cobra Gypsies

New ARRI Flare Sets 
TAP WORLD: Rhythm is Life 
Birdman, Lubezki & Inarritu Top Oscars
Lubezki Wins Again ASC Award
Cinematography Panels in Sundance 
Sundance@Live. Opening Day and more!
ASC Spotlight Nominees 
Academy Awards Cinematography Nominees
Oscars Nominations Live!
Power of the Story: Sundance 2015
Jefery Levy's THE KEY
Winners La Jolla Fashion Film Festival
Shalimar, The Making of a Legendary TV Spot
 CINEC 4K Cine Congress
The Future is Here! URSA & Blackmagic Studio
Super 8 Celebrates 50 Years
Panasonic Debuts Varicam35
Cine Lenses Showcasing in NAB Show 
Cameras. NAB SHOW 2014
Lies and Deceit. The Seventh Lie
Grace De Monaco Opens Cannes 2014
Lighting For A Legend & the C500PL 
Best Cinematography Nominees 86th Oscar
Hand Held Camera Operating Sean Bobbit
Accessorize the 1DC 
Spirit Awards 2014. Cinematography Nominees
Declan Quin, ASC  Master Class. One Film.
Cinematographers Roundtable THR
FujiFilm Releases The Cabrio 19-90mm Lens
Panavision New Primo V Lenses
Cine Meter App for iOS5
 Seamus McGarvey, ASC BSC at GCI
 Canon Firmware Updates 1D-X and 1D-C
Panasonic launches a new HD camera
SanDisk CFast 2.0 
Arri Unveiled AMIRA at IBC
Arri RGB+Z Prototype at IBC 2013
Canon EOS-1DC. First HD Tier1 DSRL
Master Workshop Digital Cinematography Venezuela
A Conversation with John Seale, ASC ACS 
Cinematography is Changing: Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC
The Bolt. Most Extreme High Speed Cinebot
Will there be a 4k Alexa?
 Large Camera Support for Glastonbury Festival
25 tips on Cinematography by Roger Deakins
The Evolving Role of The Cinematographer
66th Cannes Film Fest. Palme D'Or
Cannes. Director's Fortnight
Cannes 2013 Cinematograhy Preview
Cannes Film Festival 2013 
iPhone Android Apps for the Cinematographer
NABShow 2013. Metamorphosis

Sundance FF 2013 Live!
ASC / BAFTA BSC 2013 Nominees
J. Cooper/T. Groth Sundance 2013
Canon EOS 1DC Available
Arri Kits for BlackMagic Cameras
More About 3D. Wim Wender's PINA
A Restrospective on 3D. Hugo
Canon Filmmaker Award Program
KordaVision. The Man who Shot "Che"
Cannes Film Festival 2012. Palme d'Or
Cozumel Celebrity Golf Tournament
2012 Beverly Hills FF. Beyond 360
2012 Beverly Hills FF. Sofia
2012 Beverly Hills FF. Awards Gala
2012 Cannes Festival. Master Classes
Sony Opens Digital M. Picture Center
Sundance 2012 Live Streaming
SMPTE 2011. Best of 2012
Nikon Unveils D4
Best of 2012. Createasphere
Spirit Awards Nominees 2012
ASC Awards 2012
Oscar 2012 VFX Considerations
Sundance FF 2012 Line Up
RED Scarlet X & C300
Canon Cinema EOS C300
Canon EOS 1DX
DV Expo 2011
Sony F65. Non Plus Ultra
3ality Acquires Element Technica
IBC 2011 Preview: P+S Technik
A Word on Light Meters
The Hollywood Camera Cage
3D Meduza Shoots NASA Shuttle
64th Cannes Film Festival
How to align a 3D Mirror rig
The Godfather. 40th Anniversary
83rd. Academy Awards
Spirit Awards 2011
Sundance Awards 2011
Bhopali. Best Doc @ Slamdance
Oscar Nominees Live!
Sundance ICG Cinematographers
Sundance Live!. Power of The Story

Sundance Report Saturday 22

Sundance Audience Buzz Films

Sundance 2011 Report. Kick Off

Oscar Countdown. Nominations

Bafta Awards 2011. Nominations

Remembering Billy

Black Swan. 16mm

Cameraman. Jack Cardiff

Sundance 2011 Line-Up

Spirit Awards Nominations 2010

20th Ind. Gotham Awards

The Conspirator. Exclusive Clips!!

AMPAS Governors Awards 2011
Createasphere Expo 2010
Sony PMW-F3
How to Choose a Camcorder
Carlos. A film by Olivier Assayas

DV Expo 2010. Review

Roger Deakins. ASC Award

VIFF 2010. Winner "Incendies"

P+S ARRI SR Digital Magazine

VIFF 2010.Princess of Montpensier

Plus CameraImage. M. Ballhaus

The Alexa Plus at IBC 2010

Vancouver Film Festival 2010

Carl Zeiss Cine Lenses

The Toland ASC Digital Assistant

Producing Low Budget Films at IFP

Toronto Film Festival 2010

Sons of Anarchy

Canon 7D - A Game Changer

Bound for Sound

3D Production Workshop

Exposure: Ridley Scott

EOS: Moving Image Workshop

World Cup 2010. 3D Quasar Rigs

Cine Gear 2010 Snapshots

Camera Stabilization Workshop

Guns and Gams: Woody Allen

CANNES 2010: Palm'Dor

JL Fisher BBQ

Cannes 2010: A Tall, Dark Stranger

Cannes 2010: Biutiful & Carlos

Cannes 2010 Report: Robin Hood

Super 8mm is Alive and Well

ShowBiz 2010

A New Era in Sports

Panavision/Quasar 3D at the SOC

NAB 2010 at a Glance Part 1

Penelope Delta NAB 2010

Meeting Alexa in Hollywood

Apple iPad

NAB 2010 Cameras Preview

Fairburg 3D Chart

Alice in Wonderland

Super Sessions at NABShow 2010

Academy Awards 2010. Live

Spirit Awards

ASC Awards 2010

Kodak Film Calculator for iPhone

82nd Academy Awards Nominations

ASC Names Feature Film Nominee

Invictus. Game Changer

Oscar Designer Challenge 2010

Sol Negrin, ASC Presidents Award

Code Name: Alexa

Sundance 2010 Live Stream

Lady Gaga & Polaroid

600 at Sundance 2010

Slamdance and Microsoft

A Look to the Oscar Race

Kodak at Sundance and Slamdance

A Glimpse to Sundance 2009

First HD3D Camcorder

Happy New Year 2010

Capturing Thru Lenses

Rogers Deakins

Gordon Willis

Sundance Film Festival 2010

Lazlo & Vilmos

From a Bird's Eye Point of View

The SOC Makes a Documentary

DSRL Cine Lenses - DV Expo 2009

HD Expo, Los Angeles

Arriflex "Alexa"

Film Formats - AMPAS

More Ipod apps for Filmmakers

A Word On Geared Heads

Rest In Peace, Polaroid

Panavision in Need of Focus

Video Assist Predates J. Lewis

Salutes the Lunar Landing

Say Goodbye to IR Pollution

Rosco iGobos App for iPhone

Director's Viewfinder

Kodak at LA Film Festival

Old School, New School

The Great Daylight Monitor Shootout

CINEGEAR. 2009 A Blockbuster!

CINEGEAR. BSC. The Moving Image

CINEGEAR. VIP Party & Awards

CINEGEAR. Taking of Pelham 123

CINEGEAR. BSC/ASC Conversation

Phantom 35HD Panavision

Car Rigging & Grip Seminar

Moving Camera/SOC/ICG/ASC

Cannes Film Festival 2009

Digital Hollywood 2009 Part 1

A Sign of the Times?

NAB Show 2009 Part 1

Why do we need Operators?

The Kodachrome Look

iPhone/iPod Touch apps for the D.P

The Cinematographer & 3D

The LUT Game

Slumdog shot in SI2K

The Camera Crew Panel. Video

World's First 4K 3D Digital Camera

The Whole Shootin' Match

Backstage with Anthony Dod Mantle

Oscar Awards Winners 2009

Camera Operator of the Year 2009

HD EXPO Keynote: Pfister & Bebbe

Spirit Awards 2009

Gillmore Resigns Sundance
Technicolor Dominates Academy Awards
Three D.P's share their Craft

ASC Awards 2009 - Dod Mantle

ASC Open House Honors Nominees

A New HD Camera

Keystone State Film Woes

Oscar Designer Challenge

Bafta 2009 Winners

81st Academy Awards Cinematography Nominees

NYC Film Incentives in Hold

HD EXPO 2009

Danny Boyle Wins DGA Award

I Was Born Under Unusual...


Dark Knight. Wally Pfister, D.P

Dark Knight Camera Crew

Oscar Analysis. Best Picture 2009
Oscar Official Poster
Robert Morton Produces Red Carpet

Sundance 2009 Winners

Sundance Update: Video

ASC 2009 Nominees

Sex,Lies & Videotape at Sundance 2009

For Your Consideration: Alberti & Walker

Compositing w/Blue & Green Screen

Arriflex 435 Xtreme. A Work Horse

AatonK. HD 35mm Recorder

The RED DSMC System

iPHONE-Depth of Field Calculator


Sekonic Prodigi Lightmeter

Gels: CTO's/CTB's/Theatricals

Penelope by Aaton

Milo. Precision Motion Control

Phantom 65

Innovision Optics. R. Deakins. Big Lebowski

Dancing with the Devil. William Fraker, ASC

Outlaw Josey Wales. C. Eastwood

Featured Products CineGear 2008

Panavision Genesis

Digital Chart Comparative Chart

Film Stock: ISO vs EI Speed

Look Back- John Alonzo, ASC. Video

Cooke Primes - S16

Tunnel Post & Cinevator

Quantel 3D. Pablo/ iQ/Sid

Tutorial: Un/Loading SR16 Magazine

Tutorial: RED One Lens PL Mount & Collimation

Cine Gear Expo 2008

Cinematographer's Wish List

Shoot 35 mm, Affordably!

RED Scarlet

Film Trivia-Nash Edgerton

Where It All Begun

Showbiz Expo, NYC 2008

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