Coming this April Super 8 film will celebrate its 50th anniversary and my friends at Pro8mm decided to celebrate it in style. It was April 1965 when the Eastman Kodak Company introduced a revolutionary new format called Super 8mm film that adapted traditional regular 8mm home movies to an improved cartridge system that we still use today in a variety of applications. 

At the same time in France, a French manufacturer of motion picture cameras called Beaulieu introduced their first Super 8mm film camera to work with the new Eastman Kodak system. The Beaulieu 4008 series introduced in 1965 quickly established a reputation as one of the high quality Super 8 cameras on the market because of its interchangeable lens system with a reflex type viewfinder. Although thousands of Super 8 cameras made by hundreds of manufactures were introduced over the next 30 years, the Beaulieu 4008 continues to be one of the best Super 8 camera models ever made. 

This year Pro8mm begins to celebrate 50 years of analog love and motion picture technology. While the format continues to be used by amateurs, professionals, film fanatics and some of the world most famous cinematographers, we celebrate this milestone year with a limited edition 50th Anniversary Super 8 camera.

The first celebration in the anniversary series is a Classic camera is a classic color. The Candy Red Classic Pro Super 8mm camera (rebuilt from a Beaulieu 4008) has been customized with Max 8 widescreen 16x9 formatting and a legendary 8-64mm Angenieux lens, the finest lens ever made for a Super 8mm film camera.

The anniversary editions will be limited production, making them special and unique. Only 10 cameras in the classic candy red finish have been manufactured! 

 For camera details and to celebrate 50 years of Super 8 film, visit Pro8mm

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