The Radcam Omni by Innovision Optics

A camera car with universal mount. Take your audience on a journey with a new remote controlled perspective, traveling under the axle of a moving van, dashing through the legs of a skater, or following the path of a traveling bowling ball. Radcam's ability to create high-speed, low-angle views adds enormous production value to motion picture and video shoots. Ideal for action sequences or establishing an animal's point of view, InnoVision's remote miniature camera car has been used in features such as Home Alone 3, The Big Lebowski, and Small Soldiers.

Completely wireless, Radcam is capable of moving fast enough to keep pace with a sprinting dog. Fully adjustable four wheel independent suspension lets it move just as quickly over rough or uneven terrain. Speed and steering are controlled by a radio controller. Radcam® Omni: The Radcam® Omni accepts a variety of video & film cameras for high-speed, low-angle action. This versatile new miniature camera car can even support Panavision or High Definition cameras. The Omni is capable of speeds up to 20mph and has a turning radius of 60". Operators can adjust lens angle from as low as 4" above ground. Wireless focus control is also available. Several different chassis options are available including customized versions like the one shown to the left with a 16mm Gzap camera keeping the overall height below 6.25".

Key Specifications Format:
Multiple (35mm, 16mm, HDTV, Video) Compatible Cameras: Arri IIC, III, 435, SRIII, Panavision Millennium, Gzap, Eyemo, Sony HDW900F and most professional broadcast video cameras. Camera Load Capacity: 35 lbs. Minimum Lens Height: 4" to center of lens Speed: Max. 20 mph forward.

The Big Lebowski:
Joel and Ethan Coehn, writers/directors. Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, actors. Roger Deakins, Cinematographer. Ted Morris, A camera operator. Ron Goodman, aerial camera operator. Martin Bosworth, gaffer. Shot in 35mm Eastman Kodak color negative stock using spherical lenses and Arriflex 535 cameras. 1.85:1 aspect ratio.

To view any of these video clips, lower volume
of main screen above.

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