Showbiz Expo, the “original” production industry conference and trade show from years past, has returned to New York City under a new management and a new name, Film, Stage & Showbiz Expo. Film, Stage & Showbiz Expo is now marketed as the ultimate networking opportunity for anyone in the entertainment industry. The older show was geared to the professional motion picture production trade mainly. Taking a new approach and focusing its marketing efforts to attract a large segment of the actor’s market and other related production services, the Film, Stage & Showbiz Expo kicked off with a big bang to a large crowd of inquisitive show-goers. The Showbiz was held at the Hilton Hotel making it very accessible to locals and to the many visiting out-of-towners alike.

The floor of the show got busy rapidly bringing together performers, musicians, directors, producers, production managers, designers, models, stage crew, publicists and other important entertainment industry leaders. The expo featured several insightful industry panels such as, Licensing Footage & the Digital Era for Your Movie; Financing Independent Feature Films - The Landscape & New Opportunities, and workshops such as, Working with a Camera: What you need to know after the director calls ACTION!, How to Get an Agent in 30 Days, and also provided a venue to conduct live casting calls for stage shows such as Hairspray, Legally Blonde, Rent, Spider-Man and others.

The tone of the show was set by the inquiring public soliciting information from the participating exhibitors. The pace was frantic, but very friendly. Exhibitors and government offices such as the Nevada Film Office, the New York Film Commission and the New Jersey Film Commission got their share of many questions to answer at every level; from the professional inquiry to a candid question by a first-time aspiring actor. A broad cross-section of the entertainment industry was represented at the show glad to provide information to the public.

Exhibitors such the Screen Actors Guild, several IATSE Local affiliates, state incentive/tax advisors, Tax Credits LLC, leading national publication, MovieMaker Magazine, acting coach Paula Reily Studio, the stock footage licensors association ACSIL, professional photography services, Bluface Photography and other production companies, such as Bulbtronics, Gotham Sound & Communications, the Focal Press, Telsey+Company contributed to create a networking environment during the show.

In the Entertainment business and performing arts, becoming a working actor is a hard nut to crack, the need to update and improve the acting skills are in a continuous basis. Regardless of your background, professional coaching, certified training or a university degree are a must, followed by endless networking and a dose of perseverance to the litany of auditions an actor has to endure to prove their worth. As well explained by this acting seminar at Showbiz, The 10 Rules to Succeed as a Professional Actor in Film, TV and Theatre and presented by TVI Actor's Studio.….Putting the Law of Attraction into your acting career is a big change in your life; it requires believing not only in yourself as an actor, but that what you believe can manifest itself in your acting career, propelling you to A-level actor status.
With an actor’s daily life bearing down on you…with all the rejections and demands of a working actor…and survival job, it’s easy to be so overwhelmed that you can’t positively apply the law of attraction to your acting career. To maintain your focus and succeed as an actor, simply follow these rules you will learn at this Keynote Seminar….

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