A panel featuring leading filmmakers and industry experts will explore the process of creating a low-budget feature on film here at IFP's 32nd Annual Independent Film Week (formerly known as the IFP Market). Eastman Kodak Company, a Premier Sponsor of the Week, will host the seminar on September 22 at 1:30 p.m. in the Katie Murphy Theatre at the Fashion Institute of Technology on the corner of 27th Avenue and 7th Avenue.

Film for Low Budget Features, which is free to conference-goers, will explore the panelists' real-world experiences in bringing their project to the big screen on film, and focus on the choices they made and the benefits they reaped. Participants include director Jeff Lipsky (Twelve Thirty, Flannel Pajamas), cinematographers Ben Kutchins (Holy Rollers, Bomb the System) and Bradford Young (Entre Nos, Pariah), Goldcrest Post Head of Feature Production Gretchen McGowan, and Mega Playground CTO Terry Brown.

"These esteemed panelists can speak first-hand about the value and cost-efficiency of creating spectacular images for independent films," says Kodak's Anne Hubbell, who will moderate the discussion. "Whether the budget is big or small, Kodak is committed to helping filmmakers realize their vision on the highest-quality capture medium."

 Kodak's support of Independent Film Week, which runs September 19-23, includes sponsoring each day's "Conversations With..." sessions. Participants include Power to the Pixel's Liz Rosenthal, HBO's Sheila Nevins, Cinetic's John Sloss, directors Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, as well as a panel on the future of independent film. The panel will focus on the direction the independent industry is taking in the wake of seismic changes in the art and business of filmmaking. Panelists include Factory 25's Matt Grady, director Paola Mendoza (Entre Nos), producer Josh Mond (Afterschool), director Ben Safdie (Go Get Some Rosemary) and Young.

Kodak will also be conducting Stop By Shoot Film workshops September 21 and 22 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The workshop is designed to give participants hands-on experience with 16 mm film and cameras. Participants will get the opportunity to talk with a cinematographer, learn how to use a 16 mm camera with film, and then shoot their own scene - all in just two hours. The participants also will receive a DVD of their footage for reference several weeks later.

Again, there is no fee, but space is limited. To sign-up and get more details for Stop By Shoot Film, go to For more information about Kodak's motion picture products and services, visit  Join Kodak on Facebook at, and Twitter @Kodak_ShootFilm. For more information on Independent Film Week, visit

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