The past weekend I visited the ShowBiz Expo in downtown Los Angeles and I was bit surprised that they were sharing the Convention Center with the Cannabis shows we are in Lalaland...and I do not have anything against it.. just that the landscape was bit "exotic" to me.

The CinePed, a panoramic 360° camera 
support system, with a dolly hydraulic pedestal 
Syd Wilder operates the rig

A couple years ago, I visited the ShowBiz Expo in New York City and I found there a very busy floor, but it was mostly geared  to the acting, performance and theatrical industries. Here in Los Angeles, I was anticipating for the expo to be rather a meeting place for the production and post industries, but then again I found here a mixed bag of vendors mostly addressing the acting, modeling and performance industry and  other few production related companies
 The American Cinematographer booth offered their
 flagship magazine and other educational publications. 
It was a crowded stop for the attendees at the ShowBiz Expo. 
The American Society of Cinematographers also conducted a  
morning session focusing in the relationship between the 
cinematographer and the performer. Pictured above is
publisher Martha Winterhalter and staff.

But nonetheless, it became evident that the attending public was also a mixed bag, a crowd of non-production , actors, performers and production people eager for information from the different vendors and workshops. The only session I was able to visit was the RED workshop "All want you want to know about the RED" and the panel provided a comprehensive session about the RED camera as they related their experience about production and work-flow to the attending public.

Michelle Danner, Executive Artistic Director of 
EdgeMar Center for the Arts on Main, Santa Monica

Overall, The ShowBiz Expo it is a potential  networking place not just for the uninitiated, but also for the professional looking for information, connections and orientation  about the in-and-outs of acting, the performing arts and the different aspects of production, serving thus a good purpose to the industry as a whole in a town where these type of shows are commonplace.

Kenny Davis, COO of THE WRAP, one of  leading online 
news outlet and blog about everything Hollywood 

RED Session "All what  you want to know about the RED"
Jay Hoben, Technical Editor of Digital Video, 
Christopher Proby, Brad Wilson, Raphael Smadja,
Jon Sagud of RED Cinema and Al Satterwitte 
all cinematographers experienced with RED production
and workflow.

Scott Smith, production coordinator,
Craig O'Brien, cinematographer
Mary Tortomasi, operations manager
Skydive Perry Outdoor/Indoor Skydiving
Production Skydiving Specialists

Megahn Shriver, Maury Donnelly & Parr, 
Production Insurance

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