The “Master Workshop on Digital Cinematography” will take place between September 2-15, 2013, in the city of Caracas, as a technical module part of the “First Certification Program for Directors of Photography”, promoted by the Venezuelan Cinematography Society (SVC for its Spanish initials), with the support of the Autonomous National Center for Venezuelan Cinematography (CNAC for its Spanish initials) and based on the academic platform of the recently founded School for Cinematographic Technicians José Manuel Funes.

It will be the first time that such a rich number of professional cinematographers of the highest level in the, advertising, documentary and fiction, short and feature film industry meet; to carry out sessions to thoroughly update technical knowledge. Providing adequate preparation to face the challenges set by the dramatic changes of the digital revolution.

Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC and Jesús Haro from Spain, will be the international specialists in charge of leading the sessions for the Venezuelan Directors of Photography, during this technical phase of the program. These are professional of renowned careers in the field of Digital Cinematography and who frequently publish specialized articles in the famous European magazine “Cameraman”.

The First 2013 Certification Program for Directors of Photography, endorsed by the Autonomous National Center for Venezuelan Cinematography (CNAC for its spanish initials), consist of a number of sessions that will provide a first group of veteran and experienced cinematographers, the license to add the initials SVC of the Venezuelan Cinematography Society to their credits. These initials will back their capacity to fully assume the responsibilities of the workflow required to guarantee image quality over the production process. Such recognition will generate the commitment of Venezuelan cinematographers towards the highest aspirations of quality and work flow management currently demanded by both the national and international markets, paving the way towards the professionalization of cinematographic work in Venezuela.

The First 2013 Certification Program for Directors of Photography, will end with a significant act in tribute and recognition of the extensive career of Ricardo Younis, colleague and dean of many of the current generation of photographers; who, together with Mexican José Manuel Figueroa, was one of the only two Latin Americans recognized by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), among the 100 best Directors of Photography of the first 100 years of movie history. For this tribute to master Younis, they expect the presence of Félix “Chango” Monti, one of his most prestigious disciples, Director of Photography of “The Official Story” and “The Secret in Their Eyes”, winners of the Oscar for best foreign film, as spokesman during the tribute ceremony and the awarding of the first certifications.

The academic activities of the Master Workshop on Digital Cinematography 2013, have the academic institutional support of the new School for Cinematographic Technicians José Manuel Funes, as a platform to prepare highly qualified professionals and technicians, based upon moral and ethical values, seeking an organic growth of the cinematographic industry, driven by the current policies given by the Autonomous National Center for Venezuelan Cinematography (CNAC for its spanish initials).

The Venezuelan Cinematography Society (SVC for its Spanish initials), is a non profit Organization created by and for the professional cinematographers. It was created to gather to meet the highest levels of technical, creative, moral an ethical standards in all areas of the cinematographic profession. The mission of the Venezuelan Cinematography Society (SCV for its Spanish initials) is to promote and protect the interests of these professionals, in order to enhance their overall condition; encourage quality and excellence of their work, their competitiveness and well-being; while providing them with the necessary support within an ever changing environment. SVC, also seeks to positively influence the relationships with other artists, professionals and technicians of the different fields of specialization involved in the production processes, corresponding to the areas of responsibilities of the Director of Photography. 

The Master Workshop on Digital Cinematography, also counts with the valuable sponsorship of: Centro Nacional Autónomo de Cinematografía CNAC, Escuela de Técnicos Cinematográficos José Manuel Funes, Publiplay Agencia Creativa, Abicine, Tremendo Group, Cinema Caribbean Films, ABICINE, PDVSA La Estancia, Fundación Villa del Cine, Corporación Video, Sony Professional, David & Joseph, Bolívar Films, Cines Unidos, Produrama, Cinequipos, Cinemateriales Servicios, Hormiga Films, Propela Creatíva, Christian Porras Designs, Futuro Films, Patanegra, Cinet Producciones, Centro Cultural Chacao, Fundación Cultura Chacao, A&B Producciones,Cines Unidos and a series of professionals and technicians who have made it possible to successfully develop this activity. 

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