New Technology showcasing this year at  NAB Show.


Audience Recognition Technology now uses Artificial Intelligence to control TV Content and Advertisement.
The recent trend to Digital Broadcast Television in conjunction with the advancements in Artificial Intelligence has provided the ability for Broadcasters and Marketers to know exactly who is watching the television. Using facial recognition and big data, FlySwipe has developed a technology that can determine which commercial to place in front of a viewing audience based on the groups gender and age. The technology is also able to limit adult oriented advertisement while children are present.

“This changes the way that advertisers can reach their intended audience while viewing TV in a group setting. Prior to this technology, you would not know who in the household is watching and could never use household Ad targeting effectively.” says William Delisi, managing partner and architect of the Audience Recognition Technology platform called A.R.T.™ The platform was developed by the Boca Raton based company FlySwipe LLC and will debut at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB 2017) ( conference in Las Vegas, Nevada this year.

Marketers gather large amounts of data on TV subscribers called attributes which are based on their digital viewing habits, internet activity, buying habits and public records. TV is now transferring to the digital world enabling broadcasters to apply the same Ad techniques that are used on traditional web pages. Those Ads assume that the person who is logged on or is using the device is the same person that generated the individual’s attributes. This is not the case when using the typical family TV in the living room where multiple people view various forms of TV content.

The solution is to understand who is watching the content at any particular time. The A.R.T.™ platform distinguishes everyone in the viewing audience and matches multiple attributes against the inventory of Ads to deploy. The reliance on content to determine the Advertisement no longer works. Providing a commercial of women’s perfume fragrances to a male audience is not effective and would not happen when the A.R.T.™ platform is being utilized. The platform also can determine a mixed gender audience, or a mixed age group, and act accordingly to deploy the proper advertisement based on a brand’s requirement.

Marketers can acquire feedback from the TV audience without any interaction. A commercial may invoke a specific emotion such as sadness, laughter, anger or simply stress. This can be provided back to the marketer to determine if the correct response was anticipated. This same technique can be used by publishers to determine how a scene effects the TV subscriber. The platform can also determine if anyone is even watching the commercial or show that is being broadcast.
NAB 2017 Booth: SU13014 South Upper Hall

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