CINEGEAR kicked off its 13th expo on Thursday June 4th with a big bang returning to its original stomping grounds, the Paramount Pictures Studio lot in Hollywood. The program started with the Film Series, a tribute to the Visual Art of Filmmaking which included the Student Short Film Competition, the Independent Short Film Competition, the Independent Feature Film Competition, and the new Documentary Film Competition.

CINEGEAR at Paramount, the place to network
and see the latest of the motion picture industry
(double click for detail)

An elliptical Airstar space lighting balloon
over a lower Manhattan street.
(double click for detail)

CINE GEAR opened its doors to the general public on Friday 5 at 4:00 pm and in matter of a few minutes the studio filled with attendees visiting the impressive exhibits on display. Among the companies exhibiting their products or services were: Creative Handbook, Pictorvision, Motion Picture Marine, Birns & Sawyer, Kodak, Airstar America, Nevada Film Office, Lensbaby, Carl Zeiss, Technocrane, Photo-Sonics , Mole Richardson, Society of Camera Operators, Schneider Optics, Fuji Film, Walter Klessen FX, Warner Bros, American Society of Cinematographers and many more.

The main venue for vendors exhibiting massive outdoor displays was the realistic exterior set of the lower Manhattan streets. The cavernous Stage 16 was the venue of choice for other companies like Panasonic, Filmtools, Rosco Labs, the UK Pavillion, Bron Kobold, Litepanel and Chimera to mention some of the participating companies.

Tom Hallman , Pictorvision and CINNERS President
along with Dave Arms, Aerial Operator and Technician showcasing
the new PictorFX 3D scanning and modeling system.

Creative Handbook, the # 1 entertainment resource
David Shapiro and team

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