“KordaVision” is an illuminating graphic documentary featuring, world-renowned Cuban photographer, Alberto Diaz “Korda”. An insightful journey of historic proportions, revealing the powerful images captured by Korda, reflecting Cuba’s soul of the 50’s and 60’s, the days of Fashion, Rum and The Revolution. We relive the fascinating moment of Korda’s iconic image “Guerillero Heroico” of “Che” which has become the most famous photograph of the 20th Century. 

 Director Hector Cruz Sandoval reunites the giants of classic Cuban photography, Alberto Korda, Raúl Corrales, Liborio Noval , and Roberto Salas with “El Comandante” Fidel Castro, for the first time ever. They discuss the impact their images have had on The Revolution and their effect throughout the world. A sensational soundtrack accompanies the film, representing Cuba’s best music: featuring an original score by Maestro Leo Brouwer and music by Carlos Embale, Carlos Puebla, P18, Beny Moré, Los Zafiros, Ramón Velóz and Los Compadres.

 Alberto Diaz Gutierrez (Korda) was born in Havana, Cuba and was the son of a railway worker. He worked a series of odd jobs as a teenager, and finally stumbled upon as job as a photographers assistant. He became passionate about photography and quickly developed the craft of composing and lighting within a frame. 

Korda original plans, after he opened a small studio with his business partner, was to cater the advertising world creating images for brands and editorials. So he did, and Korda studio was for a time on demand by the local advertising agencies. But his personal aspiration was to become hauteu-couture fashion photographer in admiration to the European  and American fashion photographers of the time. Korda became after  many months of looking for his muse, the first fashion photographer in Cuban history creating stylized and glamorous images that revealed his own imprint.

 Trailer of KordaVision

 Then the social and political revolution began and the newspaper "The Revolution" was created. The newspaper was reporting  the uprising in Cuba. Korda recalls that “at this time I  took a photo of a little girl, who was clutching a piece of wood for a doll.  I came to understand that it was worth dedicating my work to a revolution which aimed to remove these inequalities.”
 While covering the struggle of the revolution, Korda, became Fidel Castro's personal photographer for 10 years. He was able to capture on film,  Fidel and Che, together and individually in their daily life. But his more most famous photo is the iconic frame he took of Che Guevara. 

 The photo was taken after a Belgian transport exploded in Havana harbor and killed 136 people. After the memorial service Fidel came to give a speech. Che Guevara just happened upon the stage where Fidel was talking, and Korda – surprised by the look on Che gave – quickly snapped two photos before he disappeared off stage again. After the memorial service, the photos of Fidel, Che and the events of the day were developed back at the journal and a few were selected to be published. The photo of Che was not one of those selected however and remained just part of Korda’s personal collection.

KordaVision is the first film on a series of documentaries recognizing the artistic and historical value of accomplished photographers. Director/Producer Hector Cruz Sandoval is currently working on the production of "Phil Stern. Eyewitness" to come soon into the film festival circuit competition and to a screen near you.

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