When Eagle Pennell died in 2002, he left behind a brilliant if brief legacy of uncompromising independent films shot on microscopic budgets in his home state of Texas. His earliest, the short A Hell of a Note (1976) and his debut feature The Whole Shootin' Match (1978), helped stir an interest in the work of regional filmmakers flourishing around the United States; a screening of Shootin' Match at the USA Film Festival reportedly inspired Robert Redford to start the Sundance Film Festival, and the film went to New York as part of the eighth New Directors/New Films series. Pennell would reach his creative peak in 1983 with the talky barroom saga Last Night at the Alamo, but he had set the template years prior with Shootin' Match's down-and-out Austin schemers Loyd and Frank and a striking lilt that contradicted the pair's stark destitution. The Whole Shootin' Match stars Lou Perryman and Sonny Carl Davis.
It's the story of two losers, two dreamers who never give up. Failed scheme follows failed scheme; the film suggests, however, that not getting there can be most of the fun. Austin acting legend Doris Hargrave also stars. The terrific script, by Pennell and Lin Sutherland, is loaded with great dialogue (Sutherland also was co-producer. Missing in action for close to 25 years, Watchmaker Films' is proud to present a complete restoration from the only known existing print of 'The Whole Shootin' Match' and a completely remastered soundtrack from the original stems. Watchmaker Films is releasing a 2-disc restored special edition DVD of The Whole Shootin' Match with The King of Texas. Eagle's first short film A Hell of a Note plus a rare interview with Eagle Pennell.

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