Penelope by Aaton

Universal camera-body for 35mm 2-Perf and 3-Perf. Instant film-magazines, nine minute autonomy in 35mm2perf. The lightest rotating mirror reflex sync-sound 35mm camera at 71/2 kilograms including film stock and battery. Very low profile for highly mobile film making. 22dB noise level. Built to withstand extreme climates. Very low power consumption. Twin battery power supply, accessories run on their own battery. Double resolution progressive scan SD video-assist. Ready to print PDF 'Image Report' with JPEG snapshots, metadata and AatonCode.
Ready for the future, now: built to accommodate digital imagers in the film gate. Film magazines intechangeable on location with "digi-mag". Extremely simple to load instant magazine. Bright viewfinder with markings and peripheral coverage. For sales and rentals contact: Abel Cine Tech

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