Learn the features and benefits of the Artemis camera-stabilizer systems from the inventor, Curt Schaller, in this three-day, hands-on workshop.

The Artemis camera-stabilizer systems provide flexible operator-design and modularity that have been strategically engineered by Sachtler, one of the top engineering companies in the industry. Createasphere brings you an opportunity to find out more and test-drive the system at a three-day, practical workshop featuring the Artemis camera stabilizer systems. Instructed by Curt Schaller, the designer and inventor of the Artemis system, this workshop will show you the user-friendly design and modular components that can be used to upgrade and supplement your current equipment. An experienced cameraman and Steadicam operator, Schaller will share his tips and insight that will make you feel like an expert in only three days. Try out the rigs, learn how to prepare and set up your equipment, discover expert techniques for framing and movement, and find out how to use your equipment safely and efficiently. Get expert, practical information on this revolutionary new system from the man who invented it.

Workshop topics:
  • Where, why, and how to use a camera balance system
  • Philosophical basics and creative possibilities
  • Introduction to the equipment, physical basics
  • Function and set up of the rig, arm, vest, monitor, batteries
  • Basics of the cameras, lenses, wireless accessories
  • Setup the system for SD, HD, 16mm & 35mm
  • Balancing the rig / final adjustments
  • Operating and moving techniques
  • Remote systems (lens control, video transmission)
Up Next: September 25-27, 2010 - New York City (see full schedule) registerbutton526

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caroline_hagood said...

I'm telling you, just from what I learn from reading your blog, I feel like I could just start making movies.

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