A feature-length documentary on Tap Dance.

By George Leon

The language of music is rhythm and rhythm is the language of life. Dance and music are a universal language. Every culture has music and a dance that is attached to the tradition of their people. Tap dancing is a traditional American art form and it have inspired a  number of talented  creative dancers since the  times of the famous Bill Bailey, Cholly Atkins, Ann Miller, Hermes Pan, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Bunny Briggs, Fred Astaire to the new generation of tap dancers such as, Gregory Hines, Savion Glover, Ted Levy and Van Porter, and Steven Harper.

Tap World, is a documentary about the best and most creative tap dancers to be found today in our backyard and around the world. The participants are not necessarily rich or famous and some of them are just teachers and students, but all of them are certainly talented.  TAP WORLD brings to the audience an explosion of music, rhythm, movement and folklore, the culture of Tap Dance.

Steven Poster  ASC, Chloé Arnold and Maud Arnold,
 with dancers and participants of the film

The project started around 2012 by choreographer and performer, Chloé Arnold and teacher and performer Maud Arnold. The production team was led by Emmy Award winning executive producer Dean Hargrove and producer Jeff Peters who created the acclaimed tap dance short film TAP HEAT. Dean Hargrove directed TAP WORLD and Steven Poster, ASC was Producer/Supervising Director of Photography.

 A special  dance act was presented prior the premiere

In order to acquire the necessary footage of dance and interviews around the world, the production team created a website portal  to receive submissions - a casting call, if you will- to be reviewed under the strict guidelines set by the producers. After months of  traveling and screening submissions,  the results were amazing. A vibrant compilation of  two generations of tap dancers, each of them with their own  original style and identity, yet all of them dance in perfect sync regardless of age, race, place of origin and geographic location.

If you can say it...you can dance it!  Tap..ball heel..scuffle...riff.
The language of music is rhythm and rhythm is tap...toe stand..stomp...jump..!

 Executive Producer and Director Dean Hargrove

"Historically tap dance has brought different cultures together allowing them to communicate through jazz and dance. The global community of tap dancers is growing rapidly and the new young tap dancers coming out today are not only becoming great artists but also leaders for our communities"

 Robert Forster and Denise Grayson attended the premiere

TAP WORLD it is a feel-good ethnographic documentary showing a interlaced global culture bounded together for the love of an art form. The spirit of collaboration of all performers demonstrate the required perseverance, skill, and talent needed it to become a proficient dancer.  But beyond of  those requirements, the documentary also shows that there is hope for a better future practicing the art of tap dancing. For example, in Brazil, it is hope for a better education for those living in the marginalized society of the favelas when they are able to go to tap dance school and learn this truly universal craft that later on they could call it their own. 

 Dean Hargrove and guests

I had the best time watching the film, it is well produced and it is certainly inspiring and educational. From this moment on, I will be more discerning when watching an old Fred Astaire routine on "Remember When TV"  or if I get to attend to a modern stage to see the likes of  Savion Glover or if  by the street or subway, I hear  tap..tap..tap..heel..heel ..slide, I will be sure then to stop and take my time to see the tap dancer perform.

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