After attending for three consecutive days to some of  the specialized content conferences, a 3D symposium and other production and post seminars and after evaluating the latest technology the film and digital video industries has to offer, specially the HDSRL and 3D formats, I should add that Cine Gear Expo is an outstanding motion picture production and post production showcase and moreover, it is an important international crossroad for the entertainment industry. This year Cine Gear Expo was held once more at Paramount Studios in Hollywood using the New York City streets stage as the backdrop and  serving as a perfect location to host over hundred of vendors and thousands of  attendees.  Below are some snapshots I took from the expo.

An Airstar HMI Balloon providing 360 degrees
of key illumination to a busy street

Back lot at Cine Gear 2010 showing to the right the largest
HMI lamp available. Designed by Mole Richardson
the 24K watt Daylight Fresnel

 The latest industry game changer, the CanonEOS D7 and D5 Mark II along all the accessories companies providing HDSRL equipment support. Dr.T Lee inquires about the Gearnex lightweight geared head and a Redrock microremote follow focus and micro tape real finder at the Redrock micro booth.He is holding his own D5 fitted with a Zacuto viewfinder.

Hurlbut Visuals branded D5 MarkII,
Watch Shane's Clip in our sidebar
The only waterproof HD periscope probe available in the world for low  angle perspective adaptable to any video HDSRL, made by Innovision. The HD Probe has interchangeable Straight, 45° and 90° Periscope  attachments. Completely waterproof, the HD Probe is ideal  for commercials, music videos, product photography and feature films.

The HD Probe features high resolution glass elements and relay optics for images with remarkable edge-to-edge sharpness, flat field, and  extreme depth of field. State-of-the-art multiple coatings provide sharp,  low dispersion images. Great for detailed HDSRL table top cinematography.

InnoVision's booth. Mark Centowski answering  technical questions.

Filmtools presented their Camera Mount Triangulation Kit. A car mounting multiplate bracket  with suction cups adaptable o any video HDSRL or small HD video camera. The Filmtools Camera Triangulation Kit is designed to give your camera the extra stability needed to cut down on vibration when it is attached to a car mount. The kit works by attaching a hot shoe adapter w/ 6" Baby Pin to the hot shoe of the camera and then attaching to 2 points on your existing car mount via (2) 3/8" diameter 24" long rods attached to Matthews Mini Grip Heads. This kit eliminates vibration at the top of the camera. Filmtools recommends the use of Tie Down Straps to secure all Car Mounts.Italian actress Cristina Pavorel graces the shot.

Steadicam Guru Garret Brown gives handling  pointers to an operator about the use of the new  Tango Steadicam vest and arm fitted with a  boom arm, monitor and battery designed  specially for the new HDSRL cameras and capable to have full boom range. The head tills up and down and rolls side to side.

Steadicam operator Howard H Bingham takes a Tango test ride

Snow Business booth with snow, ice rink and a skater.

 3Ality 3D rig at the Paramount Pictures booth. Based on two Sony HDVS HD-SDI cameras and two Zeiss Digizoom lens, including a trapezoidal beam-splitter mirror, a beam-splitter mirror that is facing downwards, a stereoscopic platform that can be inverted, an optical wedge for vertical field-of-view refraction compensation, a single inter-ocular motor with dual rack-and-pinion gear system, dual convergence motors on worm gears, a convergence rotation under first-nodal point, and an electronics control mounted under the mirror

A crowd pleaser. Panasonic's new Full HD 3D AG-3DA1 camcorder. The dual lenses, camera head, and a dual Memory Card recorder are integrated into a single, lightweight body. The camcorder also incorporates stereoscopic adjustment controls making it easier to use and operate.The twin-lens system adopted in the camcorder's optical section allows the convergence point to be adjusted. Functions for automatically correcting horizontal and vertical displacement are also provided. Conventional 3D camera systems require these adjustments to be made by means of a PC or an external video processor. This new camcorder, however, will automatically recalibrate without any need for external equipment, allowing immediate 3D image capture.

PRG Booth. Movable Scenery reflection for a stationary
car shot achieved by an overhead LED computerized rig.

Society of Camera Operators (SOC) booth.

LiteGear Inc booth offering their LightRibbon, a flexible, adhesive backed material with a linear array of low-profile, wide angle LEDs. Designed for use anywhere that small, lightweight, battery operated, or frugal power requirements are needed. LiteRibbon can be positioned in small  places as control panel back lights, or integrated into costumes or vehicles.

Volker Bahnemann, ARRI CEO, accepting his Lifetime Achievement
Award, introduced by Victor Kemper (ASC) and presented by
Cine Gear Expo organizers, Karl Kresser and Juliane Grosso

 Victor Kemper, ASC and Volker Bahnemann

At the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) store. 
Yuri Neymann ASC, Nigel Walters BSC and David Higgs, BSC

A 3D  Sony/Quasar rig on a Scorpio Stabilized Head
and a Super Scorpio crane

  At the Service Vision booth. Scorpio Follow Focus System


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