American Cinematographer One-On-One Conversation: The Cinematographer and 3D.

Held on October 30, 2008 at the Burbank Marriott, Burbank, CA. American Cinematographer magazine takes you behind the viewfinder with a leading cinematographer to discuss the art and technology of cinematography and 3D with Doug Bankston from American Cinematographer and Peter Anderson, ASC. The show is divided in 9 Flash & Quicktime format clips. Available here are clip1 to clip 4. To watch all other clips must be a Createasphere member. Courtesy of HD EXPO.

To watch using Flash Video with full screen options - click here.

The Cinematographer and 3D - Part 1
Runtime: 07:49 - Watch Quicktime
Kristin Petrovich, President of HD EXPO introduces the panel.
Doug Bankston of American Cinematographer begins the panel.
Peter Anderson, ASC gives a brief history of 3D and 4DD

The Cinematographer and 3D
- Part 2

Runtime: 07:09 - Watch Quicktime
Question: Are new 3D projects riding the digital wave?
Peter gives a breakdown of how 3D projection works
It is getting easier to show 3D

The Cinematographer and 3D - Part 3
Runtime: 06:45 - Watch Quicktime
Question: How is the rhythm of 3D films different
from traditional films?
To make 3D work, filmmakers must adjust shots to
make cuts pleasant to the viewers' eyes

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