Panavision Genesis

Genesis® Digital Camera System

KEY FEATURES- Watch assembly video tutorial ON-DEMAND main window-above.

“A film camera that shoots digital”. Proven on hundreds of feature, television and commercial projects. Super 35mm-sized sensor. Uses all existing 35mm Panavision spherical lenses, notably the Primo® series. 1-50 fps. EI 400 Wide color gamut to easily intercut with film Uses most Panavision accessories

The Genesis® system works. To date, Genesis has shot more features, television and commercials than all other single-chip digital cinema cameras combined. Genesis has proven itself in a variety of difficult locations, including tropical rain forests, and in a host of different contemporary film configurations: inside planes and cars, handheld, on cranes and Steadicams™. Many Genesis projects have mixed Genesis footage with 35mm film, often in the same scene.

QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISES For the cinematographer, shooting with Genesis means no compromise on depth of field control, portability, sensitivity, dynamic range or color. Genesis was designed as a Panavision camera. It uses the same Primo® lenses and the same accessories as our film cameras.

The Genesis sensor is true RGB, with the same number of pixels for each of the three primaries, unlike Bayer pattern cameras that have half as many red or blue pixels as green ones. Genesis was designed with digital intermediates in mind. It offers a unique gamma and colorimetry that enables seamless intercutting with all 35mm film emulsions.
Genesis shutter angles range from 3.8° to 360° and frame rates from 1 to 50fps. The 360° shutter is new territory for film cinematographers, yielding one more stop of exposure, with increased motion blur. Thus the nominal EI 400 sensitivity can be extended to EI 1600 and above for low light situations, by the judicious use of shutter and gain.

Genesis can record either to the new Panavision Solid State Recorder SSR-1, or to the Sony HDCAM-SR™ videotape recorder. Both units dock directly (top or rear) to Genesis, ensuring a totally portable package without cables to external recording devices. Record start/stop and format options for both recording devices are directly controlled from Genesis.

Super 35mm sized sensor- Equivalent to 35mm depth of field - Utilizes all existing spherical 35mm lenses, including Primo Primes and Zooms - Size, weight and ergonomics suitable for studio, hand-held or Steadicam modes - Utilizes many of the existin Panaflex® accessories
-Dockable SSR-1 or Sony SRW-1 VTR (no cables) on rear or top - 1 to 50 frames per second
- 12.4 mega pixel, true RGB sensor (not Bayer pattern) - Greater dynamic range than available
digital cameras - Nominal exposure index of 400 - 10 bit log per color output - Wide color gamut for film intercut applications - Dual viewfinder outputs - Full bandwidth, dual link 4:4:4 HDSDI outputs - Single 4:2:2 HDSDI monitor output - Digital lateral color aberration compensation for improved visual effects - Camera LCD display provides user-definable access to camera functions.

Small - Lightweight - Low power consumption - Mounts on Genesis for cable-free, camera- controlled operation - Uncompressed 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 recording - 21 minute capacity in 23.98 fps 4:4:4 SP mode - 43 minute capacity in 23.98 fps 4:2:2 LP mode - Built-in 525/625 down- converter for Steadicam™ use.

HDCAM-SR™ recording facilitates delivery to videotape post-production workflows
- Maximum 50 minutes recording per cassette at 24fps - Production sound and meta-data recording - Instant playback of full resolution color image - On location, real-time tape cloning and off-line copy creation* - Internal 3-2 pull down capability* - 12 channels of audio recording* - Multi-frame rate - 4:4:4 RGB recording - Detachable control panel * Requires SRPC-1 adapter

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