The most significant seminar was A Dialogue with the BSC and ASC Cinematographers, given the importance of the two associations. The British cinematographers were visiting Hollywood and celebrating their 6oth years of service. Their motto is "Preserving the Vision" and once again they are in the task of rewriting a new set of guidelines for the fast evolving concept of digital cinematography.

George Leon, filmcastlive, ASC, BSC Allen Daviau, Dick Pope, Paramount StudiosMoreover, they already have successfully accomplished the preservation of many cinema masterpieces, making them available for future generations to come and witness the glorious past of outstanding film making. For many years, I have been a fan of British film making and their production techniques. Their ability to create a rich visual language that always has been distinctive and spectacular has made me a follower of every aspect of British cinema, including television production.

George Leon, filmcastlive, ASC, BSC Allen Daviau, Dick Pope, Paramount StudiosThe event was hosted by the ASC, who was also celebrating 90 years of continuous service preserving the ethics and excellence of the craft of American cinematography and it was held at the massive Stage 12. It started with an exquisite edited video presentation of clips by the masters and artisans that integrate both associations. George Spiro Dibie ASC, and BSC President Sue Gibson, co-moderated the panel and introduced the topic for discussion, opening the floor for a series of questions and answers.

George Leon, filmcastlive, ASC, BSC Allen Daviau, Dick PopeThe panel was integrated by Owen Roizman ASC, John Daly BSC, ASC President Michael Goi, Daryn Okada ASC, Richard Crudo ASC, Oliver Curtis BSC, Dick Pope BSC, Allen Daviau ASC, Joe Dunton BSC, Phil Meheux BSC, Nancy Schreiber ASC, and Nic Morris, BSC. The event culminated with a traditional double birthday cake celebration provided by the CINEGEAR Expo organizers, Karl Kresser and Juliane Grosso. The general public mingled with the cinematographers who responded to candid questions and posed for photo opportunities.

George Leon, filmcastlive, BSC ASC Paramount StudiosDouble click for enlargement and detail

george leon, filmcastlive ASC President, Michael Goi and BSC President, Sue GibsonASC President, Michael Goi and BSC President, Sue Gibson cutting
their respective 90th anniversary and 60th anniversary cakeGeorge Leon, filmcastlive, Nancy Schreiber, ASC and John Daly, BSCNancy Schreiber, ASC and John Daly, BSC

george leon, filmcastlivePhil Meheux BSC, Michael Goi ASC, Owen Roizman ASC,
John Daly, BSC and George Spiro Dibie , ASC

Dick Pope, BSC Mr Turner filmcastlive george leon Guillermo Navarro, ASC AMC
(Pan's Labyrinth)
Academy award nominated,
Dick Pope, BSC (The Illusionist)

& Phil Meheux, BSC (Casino Royale)
enjoying the anniversary cake

Award winner and Academy nominated, Allen Daviau, ASC

Nic Morris BSC, George Spiro Dibie ASC, Sue Gibson BSC & George LeonNic Morris BSC, George Spiro Dibie ASC,
Sue Gibson BSC & George Leon

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