J.L. Fisher SOC/ICG/ASC BBQ 2010

 By George Leon

JL Fisher have hosted for the last five consecutive years a summer event that has grown from a small gathering with a B-B-Q in their store to a successful motion picture equipment showcase presenting state-of the-art manufacturers and services to the feature film industry. It has become insofar one of the key places in Burbank where to meet suppliers and learn about their latest products in a relaxed and cordial atmosphere.

 Panavision Panaflex Millennium camera, with a Primo Zoom
lens, mounted in a geared Panahead and a Fisher 10 dolly.
An ubiquitous rig in any feature film or TV spot. 

 Louma 2 crane with a 3D Quasar Panavision Genesis rig.

Sharon Walker, Director of Technical Standards 
and Richard Amadril VP/General Manager at
Panavision Remote Systems.

The FilmTools booth showcasing car mounting rigs, cameras,
expendables and more.

 A Canon XLH1 fitted with follow focus, rods, matte box, 
and eye brow mounted in a multi-plate with modular suction
cups ready for a car mounted shoot.

 Among the many companies showcasing their gear at the JL Fisher/ASC/ICG/SOC BBQ were The Camera House, Panavision, BandPro, Mole-Richardson, Mathews Studio Equipment, Panasonic, Innovision Optics, Filmtools, Camera Dynamics- O’Connor, Arriflex,  Hot Gears, KinoFlo, Leonetti, Company, Element Technica, Local 80, the Society of Camera Operators, the American Society of Cinematographers, the International Cinematographer Guild and others.

 Kimberly Villa and Dave Azzotto Marketing reps of  Leonetti
Company. Leonetti  Co. provides complete production
services and rentals. For your next shoot feature or
TV spot,  visit them and ask for a quote.

The new 24K is the largest single HMI Fresnel available in the world. Type 6861 24kW DayLite Fresnel. the new 24K does not make use of fans or other exotic ways to cool the lamp. Instead, large black anodized sockets, measuring a dramatic 5.5" in diameter, combined with specifically engineered top and bottom ventilation provides more than adequate cooling. In addition to the advances in cooling, a new highly polished 11" reflector, producing over 95% reflectivity, was designed to work with the larger arc gap of the 24K lamp. This new reflector, along with the 243.75" Borosilicate Fresnel lens combine to produce unparalleled output and a perfectly smooth field from spot to flood.

Mole Richardson booth showcasing their latest LEDs, flourescent,
PARS and tungsten fixtures. in the background is
Larry Mole Parker, V.P of sales

 Dave Frederick, SOC and Alexis Ostrander, director of the
feature length documentary, "Defining Beauty -
Ms.Wheelchair America"
Caiti Goosen, Cherokee Mead and Stefany Scauccy,
 Marketing and Service representatives of  The Camera House in
North Hollywood. One stop shop for all your production needs.

The Element Technica 3D Neutron rig ready to accept
smaller High Definition cameras. Solid rig.

The American Society of Cinematographers presented "Designing
the Moving Frame Seminar. Who are the Decision Makers?
with a panel of notable ASC active members
 moderated by George Spiro Dibie, ASC.

The ASC panel and attending public. Click photo for enlargement
Daniel Pearl ASC, Roberto Scheffer, ASC, George Spiro Dibbie, ASC,
moderator,David Mullen, ASC , Don Morgan, ASC,
and Victor Kemper, ASC

Don Morgan, ASC

Victor Kemper, ASC

Besides presenting hands-on demos provided by the manufacturers and rental companies the JL Fisher SOC, ICG & ASC BBQ  showcased two camera seminars. The first one of the day was the Moving Camera Operation Seminar with a panel of SOC members,  Local 600 members (Int.Camera Guild) and Local 80 (Grips).  The seminar focused on the working relationship between the Cinematographer, Camera Operator, 1AC, Key Grip and Dolly Grip when using Dollies and Jib Arms and was moderated by Bonnie Blake, SOC and David Mahlmann, SOC. Later on,  the American Society of Cinematographer presented their seminar, Designing the Moving Frame Seminar. Who are the Decision Makers? with a panel of notable ASC cinematographers and was moderated by George Spiro Dibie, ASC.

 Bill Russell, VP Western Operation ARRI, Tisha Matthews,SOC
and Dianne Farrington, SOC  both of them volunteers at the
Society of Camera Operators booth.

Bonnie Blake, SOC Chairperson having a conversation with an
attendee. The SOC organized a successful raffle sale in their
booth, sponsored by Filmtools and LitePanels, raising upwards
of $1.245,00 in behalf of the Vision Center,
Los Angeles Children Hospital 

 Alicia Robbins,SOC cinematographer
extraordinaire greeting attendees
and explaining about the Vision Center

Dianne Farrington and Hugh Liftin, greeters at the SOC booth

 The highlight the of the day was the charity fundraiser in support the Vision Center at the Children Hospital of Los Angeles. The SOC organized the successful raffle sale in their booth, sponsored by Filmtools and Lite Panels, raising upwards of $1.245,00 in behalf of the Vision Center. The proceeds donated to the Vision Center are to help children with congenital or trauma induced impaired eyesight. The organizers were David Mahlmann SOC,  Corporate Outreach Chair and Bonnie Blake SOC, Charities Chair.

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