As a continuation of the instructional video-series created by Canon Digital Learning Center about the set up, operation and fine-tuning of the Canon logs for the 1DC  (you can watch  it above -VOD- on my main video window),  I am reposting Shane Hurlbut's last instructional installment about operating the camera. 

While Canon DLC video series gives you a valuable but rather brief introduction into the basic settings of the camera, Shane's blog (hurlblog) breaks down the necessary accessories to complement the 1DC body for a more cinematic handling of the camera and thus becomes a handy online how-to guide and a necessary pre-flight tool for when you are ready to prep your  own camera  or a rental 1DC as your A or B camera for your next feature film, documentary, TV spot or episodic TV production.


Part 1 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about dialing in all the menus so that your camera was ready to capture imagery that was cinematic and film friendly. These next two posts will be about the accessorizing required to turn your Canon 1DC into a Movie Making Machine.
I am going to break this one up into two posts because there is a lot of information. The first one will set your 1DC up to look and feel like a movie camera. The second post will go into adding the little bits that really make the difference.

“It Starts With a Cage” 

Zacuto Cage
Redrock Cage
My team and I shot 75% of the film Act of Valor on the Canon 5D MKII. When we finished that project, my elite team and I quickly realized that we needed to cage these cameras.This was essential so that we could add all the necessary accessories for the camera team to make it function more like a professional film/video camera. Kurt over at View Factor hooked us up with the first caged 5D MK II. It was so awesome, all powered and ready to rumble. I know that many of you still like the feel of your camera in stripper mode (which is just the body and a lens of choice). That is wonderful for some shooting, but having it a little more production friendly is what I would advise. Zacuto , Redrock , View Factor , and Letus make some great cages.

Letus cage
View Factor Cage

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Courtesy of Shane Hurlbut, ASC

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