By George Leon 
The Digital Hollywood Conference 2009 held in the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica is certainly the premier event of everything related with the Internet and new media technology. Produced by Victor Harwood since 1990, Digital Hollywood has continuously served as an open forum and a beacon for the digital industry, including film, video, music, and all facets of Internet and telecommunications.

Since the early days of its inception to today, Digital Hollywood has counted with a massive list of top speakers, moderators and guests, including the original mavericks that created the digital revolution to today's innovative CEOs, leading executives, movie and TV moguls, digital evangelists and many movers and shakers that drive this fast evolving industry.
Keynote Speaker and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales in a
featured conversation with Ronald Grover of Los Angeles Times

The topics covered at the conference are so specialized and numerous that the sessions are divided in several tracks through the day in order to cover the many facets of one component of the modern Internet industry. All topics were covered in a very educated and professional manner providing a complete understanding to the audience in how a particular Internet based business model could survive the harsh environment of this volatile industry.

Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing.
The Next Generation of Consumer Reach.
Eric Elia, Brightcove. Dan Rosen,KIT Digital,
Lon Otremba, 360 Media, Joy Marcus, DailyMotion,
Stephen Condon, PixelFish.Mark Rotblatt, TubeMogul
Mariana Danilovic, Hollywood Portfolio.

Bill Duke keeping up with the latest. Bill is in pre-production of
"We are Here to Help" a comedy directed by Alex Winter.

Branded Media Marketing Across Platforms
Neil Guiness, Weekly World News, Simon Kelly, Story Worldwide.
R.David Kupieck, Cinema Media. Brian Murphy, TBA Global,
Paul Santello, Moxie Interactive, Brian Marin , Retail Int.

Chelsea Mc Lennan, Site Systems (center).
Jen Hentzel, Omelet Creative

Among the many topics discussed in depth were, original content creation vs. content aggregation, citizen journalism, viral video, branded entertainment, mobile platforms and delivery, social media, marketing strategies, digital on-line advertising vs. network TV advertising including radio, print, billboard and other conservative mass media, monetization and e-commerce, VOD, TV, cable, broadband and mobile platforms, advertising based business model vs. subscription vs. sponsorship, cable, TV and broadband, viral campaigns, advertising accountability and metrics, downloads, interactivity and widgets, streaming and live broadband and others. Click here for more photos and coverage.

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