Records 2k & 4k digital images on color intermediate, release print, b & w separation, and all reversal/negative camera stocks.

The highest definition 35mm recorder 45% MTF @83 lp/mm (4k), 72% MTF @40lp/mm (2koptical performance at 2k resolution, two and a half time faster than the fastest laser digital recorder. At 4k resolution, 40% faster than the fastest laser for full aperture Scope. Four times faster for sequential RGB separation recording on b&w archive film. Total shooting consistency ensured through permanent self-calibration by a built-in ultra high resolution CCD-reflex. networkable for centralized control and 3D LUT sharing in a recorder farm.

Highest 4k digital-film quality
Resolution. Outstanding 45% MTF @83 lp/mm telecentric lens designed for the AatonK. No moving parts during frame exposure, neither the film nor the 4096 sites of the 'nano-step-LCD' imager. This makes 4k detail separation superior to that of any other 35mm digital film recorder.

pixel-over-pixel registration. The half pixel frame-to-frame registration of Aaton's famous in-the-film-plane pull-down enhances dynamic resolution perception. It also allows for successive recording of easier-to-rejoin RGB frames on b&w separation film.

full dynamic range. Color intermediate, b&w, or color print, the maximum density is not limited by the imager power source. The nominal 2,046 level 'printing density' over Dmin on intermediate film is easily reached.

Efficiency-increasing workflow
Speed. Picture size and stock independent, AatonK is twice as fast as the (future) fastest laser recorder at 2k (2.8 fps), and 40% faster on full frame Scope at 4k. Four times faster at recording 4k RGB sep. archives on b&w film.

Built-in film LUT generator. Using the 650nm wavelength of its twin red illumination source, AatonK performs as a high precision 'printing-density' meter generating film LUTs from processed grey charts. These LUTs are applicable through the network to all the facility's recorders. No wasted time or operator errors: the built-in 'printing-density' meter is more accurate than a Status-M densitometer.

Absolute consistency. At each new roll or new job, a 16k resolution 'CCD-reflex' analyser monitors the 'nano-step-LCD' image characteristics (uniformity, dynamic range, focus, etc.), ensuring consistency from one job to the next and perfect color matching from one machine to another within a recorder farm. No heat-up film-chambers means density stability from start to end of a full 2000' roll.

Dependable. To avoid any stop in case of momentary data transmission slow- down or copy errors from the image server, AatonK buffers up to 100 frames. Automatic monitoring, payload distribution, and film LUT sharing over several recorders from any intranet browser is built-in.

Low ownership cost
Proven technologies. An easy to maintain exposure engine featuring a longlasting 'nano-step-LCD' imager and indestructible LEDs; a film transport borrowed from the ultra steady coplanar claw system used on thousands of Aaton film cameras.

Two-in-one recorder. With its twin red wavelength source, AatonK exposes intermediates and prints @700nm and all camera reversal or negative stocks @650nm. No compromise, no additional option for this feature. Records 2k & 4k digital images on color intermediate, release print, b & w separation, and all reversal/negative camera stocks.

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