After the introduction of the Canon D5 Mark II as the new game changer for the motion pictures industry, the need for new accessories came to surface, specifically  those made to add stability and versatility to shoot video with the new DSRL cameras. 

From the shoulder mounted rig, to the follow focus rings, wheel and whip, from the ubiquitous viewfinder loupe to the adaptable camera cage and cheese plate, the new cinematography DSRL market counts now days  with a seemingly ever growing plethora of finely crafted mechanical and electronic accessories mostly of them reserved in the past solely for the high budget feature film industry.

The Hollywood camera cage is designed
for Canon 5D & 7D cameras.

One of the competitive products on the  market today for the HDRSL camera is the Hollywood HDSRL Cage by Alan Gordon, a precision hard anodized machined camera cage of  light weight construction that adds strength, versatility and stability to your shoot.
 The camera cage comes with  multiple 1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16 thread holes for mounting  different accessories accessories, such as a  5" or 7" monitor, LED panel light or a digital recorder microphone. The Hollywood camera cage is designed for Canon 5D & 7D cameras. it is designed  with a HDMI cable protector and it is available for other accessories such as battery mount & mini rod adapter.

For more information visit Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc.

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