Scarlet and Epic are the DNA of RED's new DSMC system. Using a DSMC (Digital Stills & Motion Camera) lets you shot no-compromise still or motion images with the same camera. Well... actually on million different cameras. Configure your camera to handle like a DSRL.. or a cinema camera... or anything you can image.

Just sele Scarlet Professional or EPIC Master Professional "brain" and start configuring. (You will find a new prime number before you get through all the possible configurations).

Scarlet and Epic are themselves built on several variations of next-generation Mysterium X® and Mysterium Monstro® sensors. With performance spefications that are nearly unveliable, until you see for yourself. The sensor size and frame-rate combinations, coupled with increased dynamic range and decreased noise, put Scarlet and EPIC of the scale against any competitor. At any price. Sensors sizes begin at 2/3" and go all the way up to an "I don't believe my eyes"
6x17 cm and, as Mysterium technology advances, both Scarlet and Epic can be upgraded simply by purchasing a new "brain". Not a whole new camera. Source: Red Digital Cinema Company

The Cooke RED Set is a special package of four S4/i lenses that offers a range of focal lengths from 15 to 100mm. You will be colour coordinated with special red engraved lenses to complement the RED ONE. Each lens is fully equipped with /i "Intelligent" Technology.
The Cooke RED Set includes: a Cooke S4/i 15-40mm, T2.0 CXX Zoom and Cooke S4/i 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, T2.0 Prime Lenses, a protective glass cover for the CXX Zoom lens and a rigid carry case to hold all four lenses.
The RED ONE camera is fully /i compatible and will communicate directly with Cooke S4/i lenses via special contacts in the camera's lens mount. There is no need for additional equipment.
Whether you're seeing RED or just need to see beyond production and post: More about the benefits of /i Technology.These lenses are PL-mounted Cooke S4/i lenses that will work with any PL-mount camera system -- film or digital.

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