The Apple iPhone may soon become the Swiss Army Knife for the Cinematographer. Apple emphasizes that by using Web 2.0 Internet standards, you can create applications that not only look and behave just like the applications built into the iPhone but that can seamlessly access iPhone's services. The creative minds at Digital Rebellion created several "web apps" to integrate into the iPhone these indispensable tools for the traditional film stock cinematographer and the digital videographer wanting to achieve a cinematic look.

The Depth of Field (DOF) Calculator
Calculate the depth of field for a given sensor or film type, aperture, focal length, and subject distance (the distance from the camera to the person or object you are focusing on). A lower number means that a large proportion of the background will remain in sharp focus and a higher number means that a smaller proportion (if any) will be in focus. It also includes presets for popular video cameras. Selecting a preset will automatically change the sensor type to fit your camera. Please be aware that this tool is designed for cinematographers, not still photographers.

The Footage Calculator
Enables you to calculate the amount of disk space required for various video codecs at varying frame rates. It offers an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly and easily view the required information whilst on the move - perfect for those awkward on-the-spot questions from clients. What’s New in this Version
- AVID codec support
- The ability to bookmark and link to specific settings - perfect for sending to a colleague
- Apple ProRes codec support

The Film Rate Calculator
Calculates the relationship between film reels and shooting time. Use this calculator to work out how many rolls of film are required for a certain shooting ratio, or alternatively calculate how many minutes have been shot for a certain number of rolls. This is a useful tool for any script supervisor or producer. Also available as an offline application.

The Aspect Ratio Calculator
Allows you to calculate the aspect ratio, width or height of an image or video. Also displays extra information such as the film or video format that the aspect ratio is normally associated with. This enables you to work out the correct frame size to use when creating CG shots that will be broadcast or intercut with live action footage.

The Lens Angle Calculator
Use this calculator to calculate the lens angle or focal length for a given sensor size. This is useful for planning out camera placements in advance, which is particularly invaluable for visual effects work.

The Power Load Calculator
Allows you to calculate the load on a particular circuit when certain devices are plugged in. For example, you can calculate whether or not the circuit breakers in a location can handle the lights you want to use and if not, the size of the generator that needs to be hired. This sort of thing is better discovered during pre-production and not on the day of shooting, so this calculator is very useful in that regard. You can also calculate the minimum circuit breaker size for a given power load which is very useful if you are upgrading a building’s power supply in order to accommodate your need.

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