By George Leon

On November 2011 and for two consecutive days, Createasphere hosted their Entertainment Technology Expo at their regular venue in Burbank, assembling top media professionals, production and post-production companies, manufacturers, and content creators. Among the companies exhibiting their latest innovation or qualified service at the Expo floor were, Airstar Space Lighting, Anton/ Bauer, Azden, Canon, Carl Zeiss, G- Technology,  Leader Instruments, Fujinon, Meduza Systems, Panasonic, ProMax Systems, Schneider Optics, Sony Electronics,  Swit Electronics, and Thales Angenieux.

 Gear Alley,  the exterior "On-Location" portion of the venue presented 
hands-on workshops and showcased exhibitors.

The two days were filled with intensive workshops and technology panels, such as the AJA Intensive, the ASSlMILATE Intensive, the Sony Super 35 Intensive and the Adobe C5 Suite Intensive. The Keynote Conversation of the expo was with Salvatore Totino, ASC, AIC sponsored by American Cinematographer Magazine. Other sold-out  Q & A panels included, the Pro Video Coalition Panel, But Really, and How'd You Get that Shot?? sponsored by the Society of Camera Operators. 

A highlight of the show was the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600/Still Photographers presentation of a photo gallery display of their Nominees from ICG's 48th Annual Publicist Awards for Excellence in Unit Still Photography for Motion Pictures and Television Awards.  In Motion pictures category are: Frank Masi, Jamie Trueblood, Darren Michaels, Barry Wetche and Stephen Vaughan. In the Television category: Michael Desmond, Danny Feld, Ron Jaffe, Robert Voets and  Michael Yarish.

Createasphere was founded in 2001 as HD EXPO, and over the past decade has grown into a global company that develops and presents influential events for the content creation community, online and face to face. Founded by Kristin Petrovich Kennedy in Los Angeles, Createasphere became part of Diversified Business Communications in 2009, now driving their entertainment strategies and properties division.

Currently Createasphere is presenting the Entertainment Technology Expos in New York and LA; the Digital Asset Management Conference in New York, Los Angeles, and Europe; The DAMMY Awards in New York; Cinema India Expo in Mumbai; the online news and content portal Creative Pro Coalition; 3D Road Shows; and Post Production Master Classes.

 "Shoulder to Shoulder" with Rodney Taylor, ASC
Rodney described his experiences with the new Sony F65.

Satoshi Kanemura, Sony's V.P of Marketing talked about
the advantages of shooting with the F65.

 But Really, How'd You Get that Shot!??
After the "How'd You Get that Shot!??" panel presented by the SOC,
 the attendees went outside to Gear Alley to get a hands-on test
run at the tools the panelists have used to capture moving images.

Dan Kneece, SOC and David Frederick, SOC moderated the
hands-on session emphasizing on camera movement, framing and
focus, using a camera on a fluid head mounted on Fisher 10 dolly and
a second camera mounted on a jib arm

Vitruvian Entertainment showcased their daylight 
green screen capture system

A  partial view of the exhibiting floor.

At the Sony booth checking a Super 35mm XDCAM EX camera
 with an Angenieux Optimo DP lens.

Carl Zeiss showcasing their Compact Primes CP.2 P lenses line.

Nikon booth showcasing their D700, D5100 and entry level D3100.
All three cameras are full HD 1080 x 1920 @ 24/30fps.
It is nice to see Nikon in a motion picture geared expo.

Canon Intensive with award-winning producer and cinematographer
Joe Pontecorvo (PBS's "Nature" series). Here he demonstrated his
technique to work outdoors under inclement weather shooting on a
Canon 5D/7D and the workflow used from acquisition to screen.

 Salvatore Totino,!20ASC, AIC in a conversation with Jon Witmer,
American Cinematographer Magazine Editor.

 Salvatore Totino, ASC, AIC has shot hundreds of music videos and
commercials. His narrative film credits include Any Given Sunday,
Changing Lanes, The Missing, Cinderella Man, Welcome to People,
and The Da Vinci Code.

Litepanels New LED Sola 6 with a beam control of 10° to 70°, the revolutionary
new Sola 6 provides the control and single-shadow properties inherent of a
Fresnel fixture but utilizes just a fraction the power of conventional fixtures.

At the Scheneider Optics booth with a Cine-Xenar II 25mm lens.
The Cine -Xenar comes in 25mm/T2.2,  35mm/T2.1, 50mm/T2.0,
75mm/T2.0 and 95mm/T2.0. Comes with PL mount for digital and 35mm
film cameras and Canon EF and Nikon F mount are available.

 Sponsored by the Society of Camera Operators,  "How'd You Get that Shot?!"
Moderator: David Frederick, SOC, President Emeritus of SOC
Panelists: Stephen S. Campanelli, SOC Larry McConkey, SOC,
Dan Kneece, SOC  Ron Vidor, SOC and  Aiken Weiss, SOC

Tony Cacciarelli  describes a range of NLE and VFX  workflow 
solutions at  the AJA intensive: AJA and file-based workflows.

Sony Intensive: Sony's World of Super35 with Peter Crithary.
Exploring the Sony Super35mnn family of cameras and solutions featuring
the F65/ SRMaster products, PMWF3, and new powerful options
like SLOG/RGB444.  Get a sneak preview of 14x Servo high powered zoom lens,
wide zoom lens, and open strategy on 422/444 recording choices.

3ality Technica booth 3ality Digital acquired Element Technica this year. With the 
acquisition of Element Technica, 3ality Technica now provides all of the control, 
accuracy, breadth, automation, modularity, accessories, and design of both existing 
product lines. For further reading, click here

Canon booth. A crowd favorite on the eve of the C300  unveiling at Paramount Studios. 
Still it was a trade secret.

 The retrofitted Cameron Pace Sony CineAlta with a Fujinon lens.

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