The Kelvin™ TILE is a professional lighting unit developed specifically to adapt to the dynamic requirements of today's cinematographer. The TILE can be ordered with an industry standard v-mount to allow flexible, battery powered operation. These LED-based fixtures operate with a fraction of the power required by traditional professional lighting and with little to no heat emission.
All Kelvin Technology fixtures offer three modes of control. The Kelvin PAINTBOX is a remote system that accesses Kelvin Technology's full-range of capabilities. It also allows a series of lighting parameters to be saved, recalled, and cloned. In addition to remote control, the Kelvin Technology Series supports full implementation of DMX. The Kelvin TILE also offers local control for standalone operation.

The Cinemage product family revolutionizes critical monitoring for digital cinematography acquisition, post production and DI by combining Cine-tal's leading edge IDS (Intelligent Display Server) technology and a calibrated full resolution LCD display. Cinemage provides quantitative video analysis, color pre-visualization, video signal quality assurance, real time collaboration between acquisition and post production, and an integrated Omnitek™ Dual Link Waveform Monitor and Vectorscope. With Cinemage you can conduct both critical visual analysis and digital quantitative analysis of HD-SDI or HD-SDI Dual Link signals in either YPbPr or RGB, linear or logarithmic, at 8 or 10 bits.

Director's viewfinder OIC-16
An indispensable tool for every cinematographer. It differs from conventional systems by having 7 integrated groundglass markings. That means there is not need to exchange groundglass. A part of the optical system is a wheel with 7 groundglass markings, most of them are combi-markings, which can be tuned manually at the left side of the OIC-16. The OIC-16 is a precise instrument which was conceived for the rough use at a film set. The housing is made of light alloy, hermetically sealed and fitted with a 54PL mount to adapt lenses. It works with all prime, zoom and telephoto PL mount cine lenses. Adjusts to all formats-aspect ratio.

Artemis Cine

The Cine and Cine HD are the top-of-the-range models in the Artemis series. The Cine HD system is the right choice for all professional cinematography applications. Both the Artemis Cine and Cine HD feature fully modular set-ups that stand out for their flexibility. The Cine HD version offers three video lines, so operators can use HD RGB video cameras without downconverters. night, film, gel, ctb, green, moonlight, videos, cinematography

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