Tunnel Post unveils the Cinevator: ”Direct-to-Print”

During last Friday night open house, Tunnel Post unveiled it’s new acquisition, the Cinevator, to a crowd of selected guests and industry helmers. The Cinevator is the first and only real time digital film recorder and film printer integrated into one machine. With the Cinevator, Tunnel Post craftsman’s can turn a digital master into a 35mm positive print including sound and subtitles in one pass-all in real time. Direct-to-Print is the ultimate process for today and tomorrow’s market. The Cinevator is ideally suited for all those limited releases, premium prints and festival screenings. Tunnel Post uses Film Master grading and finishing system and DVO image enhancement tools by Digital Vision to anchor its DI workflow, which starts with fast, pin registered 2K or 4K scanning on the Cintel Ditto and finishes on the Cinevation’s real time, direct- to- print film recorder, the Cinevator.

The Cinevator offers supreme color fidelity, image uniformity, dynamic range and recording speed on intermediate film stocks. Its capability to record in real time (24fps) razor-sharp images without flare or noise outperforms any other recording technology on the market. Cinevator Direct-to-Print represents a breakthrough in speed, image quality, performance and reliability replacing at 2K resolution and 50lp/mm direct to the screen, 5 traditional machines, namely the negative /interneg intermediate film recorder, the contact printer, the subtitle machine, the sound camera and negative /intermediate cleaner. The Cinevator makes at command, all digital prints with sound and subtitles.

Evan Edelist, Cinevation Business Development for North America, hosted the Tunnel Open House. Among the invited guests were Collete Scott and Peter Boyce-Eastman Kodak, David Mack-V.P Departure Studios, Mark Gantt and Jesse Warren writer/producers, Jeff Vangrov Modern Muse Productions, Kathyrin Soler Co-Producer of The Art of Travel, Joseph Weisman from JNW Films, John Roach from Rokskul Entertainment, Jacob Golblatt from Catchphrase Entertainment, Michael Hoffman, editor from Bongiovi Entertainment and others.

Tunnel's light shines bright in 2008 as the company expands its operations. Created for filmmakers by filmmakers, Tunnel has the mind-set of a producer so they can meet the producer's needs. Founded by Kyle Jackson and Alan Pao, TUNNEL specializes in the creation and delivery of high-end media content, including feature films, television programs, live concerts, commercials, music videos, and trailers. TUNNEL had a breakthrough year in 2006, as we were heavily involved in almost 30 projects adding up to $30 Million in production and postproduction business. TUNNEL was formed in response to the exorbitant cost of digital intermediate and color correction for the independent film market in 2003. Current film projects include "You Kill Me" starring Ben Kingsley, Tea Leoni, and Luke Wilson, and "How to Rob a Bank" starring Ericka Christensen, Nick Stahl and Gavin Rossdale. They are also slated for another season on three television shows: American Dragster for ESPN 2, Build or Bust for TLC, and Setup for the Speed Channel. Maximizing their investor's dollar through the strength of their vertical integration, they have produced a string of films in 2006 that have already shown positive returns. These films include The Art of Travel, Loaded, 7-10 Split, Senior Skip Day, and Toxic.
For more info, http://tunnelpost.com/ - info@tunnelpost.com
http://www.cinevation.net - evan.edelist@cinevation.net

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