An outstanding new lens, the 135mm Leica Summilux-C
showcased  by CW Sonderoptik 

A winter themed Band Pro’s Annual Open House & Showcase on December 10 at their Corporate Offices in Burbank

The event was held inside of a large tent converted as a wintry ski destination where participant vendors and manufacturers showcased the latest products and technology. The landing of a snow covered vintage ski lift, propped up with pine trees, snow man and live models served as the target to experience a hands-on test of the different digital cinematography cameras brands and cinema lenses on set, all illuminated by the latest technology of LED flat panels and LED fresnels. 

To complete the wintry theme, two apres-ski looking bars were open serving libations along with a tasty buffet style menu serving Swedish meatballs and more. Hey, This is an industry showcase worth to visit every year!

 Band Pro President Amnon Band and IB/E President Klaus Eckerl announcing the 
introduction of a new line FF Macro Cine Lenses. 

The center piece of the event was the presentation of a line of new FF Macro lenses which are a notable new advancement in professional optics as announced by IB/E President Klaus Eckerl. “These new macro lenses were designed to address the industry-wide movement toward larger format sensors".

Band Pro’s President Amnon Band and IB/E President Klaus Eckerl introduced to the industry the B/E Optic Macro FF 100mm T2.9, it which it was at hand to test. The available focal lengths in new IB/E Macro FF lens family are the 100mm T2.9, 150mm T2.9, and 180mm T2.9.

Band Pro's CTO Jeff Cree setting up the dolly into position  
to showcase the IB/E Optics prototype 100mm Macro FF

As Macro, the lenses cover full frame (24×36 mm / 44 mm diagonal)with a close focus of 1:1 magnification, so you could fill the 24×36 format with an object that is also 24 x 36 mm. At 1:1 Magnification, you lose 1⅔ stops.

The B/E OpticMacro FF are also superb throughout the rest of focus range. They all focus to 1:1 and have internal focus, consistent position of the focus and iris gears (no need to move follow focus or lens motors when changing lenses). The front diameters are all the same: 95mm—same as Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C.

The lens mount is UMS PL—Universal Mount System—familiar to users of IB/E Exenders, Expanders, and conversion kits. It quickly converts, without tools, between PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E and MFT mounts. 

IB/E Optics is a Bavarian company well known for expanders, adapters, BavEyes, IBELux 40mm T1.9, S35 Scope, industrial, machine vision, as well as the ARRI Alexa 65 primes and the 50-110 zoom. The IB/E Macro FF lenses are expected Summer 2016 and are available exclusively from Band Pro Film & Digital worldwide.  For more info, visit

(Technical descriptions of I/BE  Optics lenses, courtesy of  Jon Fauer's FDTimes) 

Among other celebrations was the 10th Anniversary of FDTimes (Jon Fauer's Fim & Digital Times Magazine). FDTimes certainly is an essential journal documenting the fast changing advances and technologies in the manufacturing, art and practices of today's  motion picture industry. Jon was awarded a spectacularly gorgeous analog 10th anniversary limited edition snakewood Faber-Castell writing instrument (pen) in a Harry Potter/Olivander Wand Shop worthy case. Snakewood is a magical, rare and expensive wood, also used for musical instruments.  

Jon said in the latest issue of FDTimes " It’s going to be difficult going back 
to a keyboard after wielding this pen. As the medieval monks said while
 breaking a new pen, “Probatio penne". Our comment is: "By digital keystroke 
or iron gall ink, FDTimes plays a similar service to the motion picture industry 
as medieval Illuminated books of yore did to history".

 Band Pro congratulated DP James Neihouse 
(IMAX Space Station 3D, Imax Hubble 3D) 
on his recently announced ASC Membership.  
James shared 4K footage from his films.

The talented and experienced made a beeline to the CW Sonderoptik booth.
Pictured here is Roy H. Wagner, ASC  having an hands-on test.

A busy corner was the CW Sonderoptik booth, showcasing their new Leica’s 16mm and 135mm Leica Summilux-C lenses.CW Sonderoptik, showcased their new Leica’s 16mm and 135mm Leica Summilux-C lenses. Summilux refers to the maximum lens aperture of f/1.4.  The Leica Summilux-C Multi-Aspherical lenses line also are available in 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm with additional focal lengths 16mm, 29mm, 65mm. 

Otto Nemenz carries the full line of Summilux-C lenses in his
 Hollywood rental house. Otto Nemenz Int,  is pictured  here (right)
chatting with Seth Emmons of CW Sonderoptik

Summilux-C lenses T1.4 close focus primes, employ a unique multi-aspheric design and high-precision cine lens mechanics to provide unmatched flat field illumination across the entire 35mm frame and suppression of color fringing in the farthest corners of the frame with no discernible breathing. All Leica Summilux-C are made of Titanium. Summilux-C lenses T1.4 close focus primes employ a unique multi-aspheric design and high-precision cine lens mechanics to provide unmatched flat field illumination across the entire 35mm frame and suppression of color fringing in the farthest corners of the frame with no discernible breathing. For more info visit CW Sonderoptik gmbH   or Otto Nemenz Int  For further reading visit Thorsten Overgaard 

 Norm Kellog and Greg Prentiss,  the battery experts
 in cinematic, lighting & video production

 Newcomers to the show was Block Battery,  a battery systems and custom solutions for all your cinematic, ENG/EFP, and lighting production needs, BlockBattery innovations support the most challenging power requirements with respect to high current, high capacity, multiple voltages (14.4V, 24V, 28.8V & 30V) with robust electrical/mechanical designs.

BlockBattery designs & manufactures in the USA. BlockBattery engineer systems with an emphasis on addressing high current DC applications with robust electrical and mechanical designs to improve product longevity and provide product solutions yielding a lower total cost of ownership. BlockBattery products are regularly used in the production of feature films and other commercial video production, powering cameras such as the Alexa, Phantom, Red, Sony CineAlta and a range of other portable video & lighting equipment. Available for  rent and purchase at Band Pro and other qualified dealers. For more info, visit BlockBattery

Dan Keaton, Sales Director of Convergent Designs

A veteran of the motion picture industry is the the display I/O manufacturer of portable HD multicamera recorder/switchers, Convergent Design. For 10 years, Convergent Design has been manufacturing industry-changing digital recording products, enabling videographers and cinematographers to capture at the ultimate video quality, in a small, low power, lightweight package. 

Their breakthrough product was the NanoFlash, with over 5,000 units in the field, it began a revolution of tapeless workflows. The next generation Gemini 4:4:4, is the first uncompressed professional recorder, and the first to include a touch-screen monitor. Showcased at Band Pro's was the Apollo and  the Odyssey7Q+ which is the most versatile monitor/recorder in the world.

With updated features such as, HD/2K/UHD/4K, 4K/UHD capture over HDMI or SDI,  SDI Single, /Dual/Quad Link, RAW to Apple ProRes Conversion, 4K/UHD->2K/HD conversion, Low Power/Light Weight and Intuitive touchscreen interface makes the Odyssey7Q+ a dream come true for TD's (technical Directors), DP's, Camera Operators, Directors, DIT's and even Lighting Directors. 

One professional monitor/recorder, 7.7” size, with 1280x800 OLED  featuring true blacks, and accurate color with a full range color gamut for Rec709 or DCI-P3 viewing.  It features,  Waveform, Vectorscope (in future update), Histogram, False color exposure view, Zebra, three-mode Focus Assist, Pixel Zoom (1:1 & 2:1), LUTs, and Frame Guides. And it records Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) up to 1080/60p, 1080/60i and 720/60p in a high-speed Solid State Drive (SSD), available in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities.
For more info, visit Convergent Design 

At the Ikan booth, I found the  Tilta Armor-Man Ultimate Gimbal. It features a Quick release dual spring arms with adjustable tension control compatible with Movi, Ronin, and others gimbals support systems, with height adjustable vest, V-Lock battery plate with 12v - 5V, Two quick release dual spring arms with adjustable tension control, Wrist and gimbal handle support. In this case the operator was "gymbaling"  (stabilizing) a pint of beer. Great to avoid spills!

Without these two illustrious gentlemen, Denny Clairmont and Otto Nemenz 
the motion picture rental industry would have been certainly different.

16 x 9  Movcam Camera Cage and Shoulder Support

Michael Bulbenko and the Fujifilm team

Canon C-300 with 15.5-47 zoom lens and C-motion focus servo control

Tim Smith and his Canon Team and friends

Hands-on testing

Roy H. Wagner ASC, Michael Horowitz and Jody Eldred

The Team Angenieux table showcasing une belle dame and a  25-250 Optimo 
and a 16-40 Optimo zoom lenses.

Interview time at the lodge with Sony cameras

Technical descriptions of I/BE  Optics lenses, courtesy of  Jon Fauer's FDTimes.

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