The next generation of ARRI digital cameras-
ARRI announced a new range of 35mm-format digital cameras at IBC 2009 - codenamed Alexa - that will redefine the limits of digital motion capture. Based around a newly developed CMOS sensor with unsurpassed sensitivity and dynamic range, the cameras will couple exceptional image quality with flexible, integrated workflows designed to meet the needs of modern postproduction. The Alexa product line-up, priced in the range €50k to €130k, will be available for sale commencing the second quarter of 2010.

Superior sensitivity & dynamic range 35mm size format
sensor Film look New Electronic or Optical Viewfinder
Early adopter plan for ARRIFLEX D-21 customers. Prices
begin at 50K Euro, resetting the bar for cost & performance

Compact and lightweight, the new range of cameras will provide an affordable toolset to address every level of the broadcast and feature film markets. The planned entry level model utilizes a 16:9 sensor and the most advanced electronic viewfinder on the market. A more fully-featured version continues ARRI's tradition of offering a 4:3 sensor and a rotating mirror shutter linked to an optical viewfinder as the optimum choice for cinematographers. A number of recording options, including several innovative on-board solutions, have been designed specifically with modern workflows in mind to provide the greatest versatility both on the set and in postproduction.

ARRI managing directors Dr. Martin Prillmann and Franz Kraus
discuss and display the new ARRI digital camera system at the
IBC booth in Amsterdam. Click ON DEMAND in the video window
above to watch the introduction

By combining 90 years of mechanical and optical expertise with state-of-the-art digital technology, ARRI products continue to offer features that other manufacturers cannot equal. Incorporating the key attributes of design and build quality on which ARRI's worldwide reputation is based, the new camera range will uphold the highest standards of reliability, precision and usability.

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Anonymous said...

Arri's version of the RED. Glad to see it will be here soon. OVF is great to see continued from the D-21. Not sure from this press release, but it looks like they have some sort of trade-in program for D-21 owners. I think that's what they're referring to when they say "adopt."

Anonymous said...

For an Alexa Camera test called 'World Cup' Please visit

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