Now you can assemble/edit/conform, color correct, add effects, titles, real time render and master on-the-fly without any guess work or unnecessary effort. Just shoot you 3D footage, bring it to post and master it in record time.

The Quantel Stereoscopic 3D toolset

The key to successful stereo3D post is to be able to work with both ‘eyes’ simultaneously while reviewing work in progress interactively at full resolution. This requires a combination of serious processing power to deliver twin stream, full resolution playback without rendering, as well as a comprehensive Stereoscopic 3D toolset, totally integrated with the systems’ editorial and color correction facilities. Quantel offers them all in unison, giving the operator total control over every aspect of post production, allowing creative decisions to be finessed and technical issues addressed as they arise.

Here’s a brief overview of the Quantel stereoscopic tools:

Stereo strength and convergence can both be adjusted without rendering, allowing the operator to experiment interactively to achieve just the required stereo depth and impact on every shot.

Colorimetry – enabling both eyes to be balanced interactively.

Editing – with both streams simultaneously, making 3D editing just as simple as 2D.

Sync – allowing easy alterations to individual eyes – always reviewed in their stereo context.

Comparison mode – 50/50 mix, left/right eye, difference map

Imaging – for all non-parallax differences – fixing errors in either or both eyes using the systems’ VFX and paint tools; ideal for dealing with lens flare, dirt, edge effects etc.

Realtime playback – allowing stereo material to be reviewed and played out to realtime devices such as HDCAM SRW1.

Quantel 3D facilities deliver a true realtime, WYSIWYG experience for the operator and, most importantly, the client. And all this while offering simultaneous, unfettered access to all the systems’ standard tools so that every aspect of the project remains live throughout Stereoscopic 3D post production. It is a truly interactive workflow.

3D on Pablo and iQ

Over 1000 conventional movies have been touched by Quantel’s iQ and Pablo systems over the last few years. iQ is the world’s leading Digital Intermediate system that offers realtime, full resolution 4K operation across the full range of high resolution post production – pre-vis, assembly/edit/conform, effects, titling, color correction, trailers, restoration and deliverables production. Pablo is a specialist non-linear, realtime 4K color correction system that offers brilliant heads-up ergonomics through its dedicated color control interfaces and a super-rich color manipulation toolset. Both systems combine massively powerful image processing hardware with the enormous flexibility of the world’s most versatile editorial and color correction software. In developing Stereoscopic 3D capability, to the full power Quantel has tapped in of the systems’ hardware to enable them to deliver simultaneous high resolution stereo streams, and added dedicated stereo tools on top of the systems’ existing comprehensive post production toolsets.

The stereo3D toolset is available as an option on all new Pablo 2K, Pablo 4K and iQ systems. Additionally, all existing Pablo 4K or iQ systems can upgrade to Stereoscopic 3D.

Sid - ‘just for 3D’ workstation

In addition to offering Pablo and iQ in 3D versions, Quantel has also introduced a new product named Sid, a dedicated Stereoscopic 3D post production workstation. Sid is available in two configurations – as a full stereo3D online system and also as a straightforward viewing, conform and mastering system. The former offers post houses a cost-effective stereo3D finishing environment for client attended work, the latter a ‘back room’ system, that is also ideal for on-location viewing and shot selection of 3D material as it is acquired.

For more info, demo and tutorials visit:

Click ON-DEMAND, above, and watch color correction with Pablo and an overview of Neo.

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