A Filmmaker’s Tip: Shoot 35mm, Affordably!

Are you ready to shop for a 35mm film camera package for your next SAGIndie feature film signed under the modified low budget or low budget agreement? Or are you shooting a short on 35mm film stock? Do you know you can find a selection of modernized Russian 35mm motion picture cameras and lenses for rent in Los Angeles?

Indi 35.com rents the Kinor 35H, the most sophisticated silent camera manufactured by the Soviets. Many have said it looks like the Moviecam Super America. It features a pin-registered movement. It is relatively lightweight (about 30lbs with 500ft displacement magazine and a prime lens), and it can be effectively handheld or flown on a Steadicam rig. It is powered by 18-24volts. It comes complete with a base-plate, a dovetail and 15mm rods (100mm spacing). It is available in the following configurations: Standard 4 perf (1.33/1.66:1 gates), Anamorphic 4 perf (anamorphic gate, groundglass, de-anamorphic viewfinder), Techniscope 2 perf (shoots native 2.35:1, spherical lenses)

The camera features 500ft and 1000ft displacement magazines, long and short viewfinders, video tap (Watec color camera) + monitor, modern digital electronic motor controls, follow focus, barney. For Steadicam configuration, a Steadicam magazine wedge and custom cabling for the Bar-tech Focus Device are in stock. The Kinor 35H is set up to use world-class Lomo optics. From 18mm through 500mm primes available, including 28, 35, 50, and 75mm SuperSpeeds. Or choose any zoom lense from the lightweight Foton 37-140mm with optional front anamorphic adapter to the massive 25-500mm t4 Ekran. For anamorphic or widescreen, www.indi35.com has everything you need to shoot in widescreen with the Kinor35H.

The camera is equipped with the needed gates and viewfinders. They have in stock Lomo anamorphic primes and zooms ready to go. The 2 perf (Techniscope) Kinor is native 2.35:1. In this format you shoot widescreen aspect ratio (2.35:1) but use only half the film and fast, lightweight spherical lenses. Shoot 35mm widescreen affordably, for less than Super16!

For more info visit, www.indi35.com

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