Our Featured Product for the Cinematographer at Cine Gear Expo 2008

FILMCAST Live! team found in Cine Gear 2008 this interesting and uniquePOLA-DISC is a unique rotating polarized filter system that enables the Cinematographer to control lighting reflections like never before. Designed primarily for visual effects surface texture maps, this system works well in a array of lighting situations.

The POLA-DISC is available for rental in 24" and 36" diameters. 48" POLA-DISC is coming soon.

It comes with a 3-Axis Joystick Motion Controlled

GOBO-DISC is a modular dual gobo that replaces the polarizer in the rotating frame. As the gobo turns the light changes from the inside to the outside section of the disc. When hard light is used the illumination on the subject does not have color fringes as found with traditional projected gobos.
Shooting through the center will create unusual effects as well.
For more info contact: 818.447.9244

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