Several years ago ARRIFLEX introduced the almost indestructible ARRI III, a work horse for commercial work, specially for tabletop photography (as in my case) and now, the 435 XTREME is available with either 4 or 3 perforation movements, the 435 Xtreme combines the features of the 435ES, 435 Advanced and the Functional Expansion Module 2 (FEM-2) in one package, resulting in the most flexible camera for MOS work. Still as small and robust as its first iteration, the 435 Xtreme is ideal for features, commercials, music videos, Steadicam, special effects or motion control work alike.

-A super bright high quality viewfinder, available for either spherical or anamorphic viewing.
-An extensive speed range from 0.1 to 150 fps.
-The latest generation of the ARRI Integrated Video System, the IVS-2, not only shows a brilliant, bright video image, but can also superimpose camera status information and frame lines, allows for automatic or manual color balancing of the image and can preview motion blur effects.
-A new ramp generator improves ramping capabilities with faster and smoother ramps. An even wider ramping speed range from 0.1 straight to 150 fps is possible.
-With the Single Frame System the 435 Xtreme transforms into a single frame/time lapse camera.
-The unique Integrated Capping Shutter (also available in 4 or 3 perforation) allows viewing of the viewfinder and video assist image even when the shutter is closed.

With the Motion Control Interface (MCI) the movement, mirror shutter and Internal Capping Shutter can be independently and frame accurately controlled by a motion control computer. Tight integration with the ARRIMOTION system makes for a powerful set up that includes frame accurate go motion, stop motion and ramping capabilities. From the ARRICAM the 435 Xtreme inherited the built in Lens Data System (LDS Ultra), which saves time and allows the assistant to work more efficiently on the set

The 435 Xtreme can be outfitted with an extensive range of accessories for any shooting situation. These include 120m/400' magazine, a 300m/1000' magazine, a Steadicam magazine, a 100% Video Top, Single Frame System, Motion Control Interface, Universal Radio Module, Lens Data Displays, and ARRIMOTION.

The 435 Xtreme is of course also tightly integrated into the existing ARRI accessories, of which it shares many with the ARRICAM, from the small and modular Wireless Lens Control System, the Wireless Remote Control (WRC-1) to the range of follow focus and matte boxes. The electronics for lens motors have been integrated, and the camera side radio modem (URM) for wireless lens and camera control has its own place reserved, giving the camera the smallest envelope possible.

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