TORONTO FILM FESTSeptember 13, 2010
 1  Oscar Bait at Toronto
Oscar buzz is alive and well at TIFF, and indeed, the films thus far have been consistently strong. Here are three that are worth the praise.
 2  Eastwood's 'Hereafter'; Taking on the Afterlife
clint eastwood
Watching Clint Eastwood's work in this twilight period of his career often feels like reading his diary, or flipping through his sketchbook. Plus: A more personal reaction to Eastwood's film and the Afterlife.
 3  Exclusive: Sony Classics Picks Up 'Incendies'
Sony Pictures Classics has acquired the French-Canadian film "Incendies," ("Incendiary") TheWrap has learned. The movie was purchased for six figures.
 4  Transition Grips the Film Business
funny story
Letter from Toronto:The sense of transition in the film industry is palpable at this year's Toronto Film Festival.
Everyone is seeking to start companies, scrape together financing, and look for a technological edge that will make the puzzle pieces come together.
 5  Hoffman + Giamatti + 'Barney' = Canada's Best
barney's version
There was a time when Canadian films needed American actors to sell the picture. But not so much anymore, and it is rewarding to see more and more American actors taking work in Canadian films by choice.
 6  Deal Roundup: Weinstein Co. Buys 'Dirty Girl'
the conspirator
Buyers are circling and landing some of the hottest projects out of Toronto, as a slow market shows starts to thaw. "Dirty Girl," and Robert Redford's "The Conspirator" lead the chase.

Courtesy of The Wrap  Editor-in-Chief Sharon Waxman and writers John H. Foote, Josh Dickey and Brent Lang.

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