The highlight of Friday night at CINEGEAR was the VIP reception sponsored by Fujifilm and hosted by Ross Matthews from The Tonight Show, where the Life Time Achievement, Anniversary and Film Competition Awards were handed out to their deserving recipients namely, Ed Phillips, President and CEO of Matthews Studio Equipment, Band Pro, Yellow Jacket, Society of Camera Operators (SOC) and the winning filmmakers of the competition.

Riffing on the blues, awards, gourmet delicacies and choice of
kept all guests entertained. Karl Kresser and Juliane Grosso,
CINEGEAR organizers, making sure that all is up to par.

Daryn Okada, ASC (Ghost of Girlfriend's Past)
and Jeffrey Okun, VES Chair.(Last Samurai)

Shane Hurlbut, ASC (Terminator Salvation) and
Rodney Taylor, ASC (That Evening Sun)

Richard Crudo, ASC (My Sexiest Year) and
Kramer Morgantheau, ASC (Life on Mars)

Nancy Scheiber, ASC (Every Day) and a guest.

David Malhmann, SOC Events Chairman, Dan Kneece,
SOC President and Warren Yeager, SOC Treasurer,
celebrating the Fujifilm Award.

Victoria Adams and David Grober, producers of the award winning
Perfect Horizon, Motion Picture Marine mingling with friends.

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