Courtesy of Massimo B.

ARRI ALEXA basic menu functions and setup

This a basic yet comprehensive tutorial of how to navigate the Alexa camera menus, from how to set the camera white balance and shutter angle, to how to set up the asa, resolution, and  recording size whether it is in pro res 444, 422 or 4444. Furthermore, Massimo B explains how to set  the camera frame rate, frame guides, shutter speed and how to perform playback.

He also explains how to format the SXS cards and  how to set color space in log c or rec709 recording internally or out, how to set the monitoring menu for a side/assistant monitor or for a director's monitor out or the operator's viewfinder among other important details need it in order to prep and setup the Alexa properly for a shoot.

Massimo Bordonaro is a cinematographer, Steadicam & camera operator, 1st & 2nd AC, living in Los Angeles.

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