by George Leon

There is a new camera crew position to play a key role in digital and virtual cinematography acquisition. After the advent of more sophisticated digital cinematography cameras and its subsequent workflows and accessories, two award winning cinematographers and several seasoned instructors are working together to further the advances of digital cinematography on the motion picture industry and are implementing the creation of a new discipline – “Expanded Cinematography”

 Yuri Neyman ASC introducing the concept of  "Expanded Cinematography" 
to Cine Gear Expo attendees at the Sherry Lansing Theater in Paramount Studios

"Due to the increasing role of visual effects and virtual production the role of the 'traditional' cinematographer is changing,” said Yuri Neyman, ASC and Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, co-founders of the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles.

“Expanded Cinematography” is a state of mind that is recasting the production process around creative choice, rather than developing and working around barriers created by gaps in the ever-evolving technical knowledge. This way of thinking creates a new unity of art and technology, the conversion of existing crafts and the activities of cinematography, design, art direction, visual effects, virtual lighting, previsualization, as well as  emerging visual practices, into a newly crafted discipline which in turn develops the cinematographer’s profession into a Cinematographer-Artist-Designer-Technologist that is able to comprehend and solve any tasks which modern production can put in front of him or her.

Vimos Zsigmond, ASC and Yuri Neyman, ASC 
co-founders of The Global Cinematography Institute

Zsigmond and Neyman recognize “the goals are to lead and empower visual thinkers for the advancement of the aesthetic arts and sciences.” The Global Cinematography Institute (GCI) is an educational research and development entity focused on analyzing, preserving and predicting the roles of imagery.

With the ever-advancing creative and technological approaches to narrative and visual storytelling, the GCI is developing new methods for educating current and future professionals in the fields of imagery. The global, social, and cultural paradigm demands innovative courses and curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of the industries its serves.

“Expanded Cinematography” describes and explains the fundamental changes that have occurred, and will continue to occur. It forecasts changes in all visual facets of the entertainment industry. In addition, GCI is building connections to non-filmmaking avenues through “Expanded Cinematography,” to gaming, web, and television media, as well as to traditional movie making business activities -- it is both art and craft.

 The Expanded Cinematography Panel and Q&A

In support of all visual content creators, the students of “Expanded Cinematography” -- would be the primary force in the capture, creation, distribution and displaying of images.

In a connected, always online universe, we are implementing real world best practices. "Our approach is global - in a digital world - with “convergence” as well as “divergence” taking place in all sectors we are developing new collaborations" said Yuri Neyman ASC and Vilmos Zsigmond ASC. "We look forward to continuing this dialogue with all of the passionate and creative individuals, institutions, and companies who care about the advancement of our crafts".

Among the courses under the “Expanded Cinematography” banner that Global Cinematography Institute teaches are: Advanced Lighting for Feature Films, Foundations of Lighting & Composition, Virtual Lighting & Virtual Cinematography, Lighting Craft & Technology, Cinematography for Videogames, Pre-visualization, Digital Cinematography & Optics, Image Management, History of Cinematography & Photography, Career Management, Cinematography for Independent Films and more.

 Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, co-founder of  The Global Cinematography Institute 
answer questions to Cine Gear Expo attendees at the 
Sherry Lansing Theater in Paramount Studios

GCI certainly offers a fresh departure from the older curriculum taught at traditional film schools, intertwining film-making process theory with appreciation for the aesthetic of painting and plastic arts in a hands-on manner utilizing the latest technology, and skillfully applied to digital cinematography acquisition and workflow producing the highest quality of certifiable training for camera crew members and motion picture professionals.

The importance of training new professionals in the constant evolving discipline of cinematography is paramount. Major studios and their prolific producers are certainly aiming their bottom line to create the proper infrastructure to match their production and workflow to new virtual cinematography acquired storytelling.

Therefore, the Global Cinematography Institute is training its students in the new profession – “Expanded Cinematography” which combines skills and experiences of traditional cinematography, visual and special effects and virtual production.

For more information, visit Global Cinematography Institute website.

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