I found first this accessory last year at the DV Expo in Pasadena and immediately I was convinced of the quality of the product by  its utilitarian and versatile design. Since then,  I have used the Varavon ProFinder  for the Canon 5DMKII, and should mention that it makes my stills or video shooting on the DSRL more enjoyable and precise. The Varavon's ProFinder counts with a large viewfinder loupe and a comfortable eye-cup (on which you could fit an eye-cup chamois) and an adjustable diopter to suit your eye sight.  At the same time it is a convertible waist finder with a non-ghosting mirror. The versatility of this viewfinder allows the shooter to photograph at shoulder level and also at low angles at waist level. The ProFinder is a pretty nifty and well constructed DSRL accessory. So far, it is the most practical and durable  non-electronic viewfinder/loupe for the DSRL market, leaving the other accessories makers well behind. 
 The main body of the viewfinder has a sponge seal to block unnecessary light and protects the camera LCD back screen. The finder  attaches to the camera via a solid machined aluminum attachment plate with a screw/pin to fit the different DSRL models, such as  the 550D, 7D, and Nikon D7000, instead the wobbly and unstable tape or velcro, making it a very study part and parcel of the camera body. One of the many conveniences, I have found using the ProFinder is that the loupe is totally detachable and I can use the main body of the viewfinder just like a sun covering hooded matte box for the LCD screen and it works under the two configurations, to shot over the shoulder or at waist level, all these at the flick of a Stop Free hinge to reveal the top or back hood at any angle.

The only caveat I have found on the ProFinder is the need of a protection glass for the mirror. When shooting at waist level, the unprotected glass is prone to accumulate dust and other falling debris coming through  the open top hood. Otherwise, I believe is the best and fairly priced non-electronic DSRL viewfinder/loupe you could find in the photo/video market today. 


Click here for more information about Varavon products.
Video courtesy of The Camera Department

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